Things You Do Everyday That Could Be Harming You

Image by    congerdesign    from    Pixabay

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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There are many things that you do each day that you don’t even think about. They become routine, normal and you wouldn’t even notice if they’re making you feel rubbish. There are things that can harm your health without you even realising it, so if you’re not feeling your best right now, but you’re guilty of some of the following, then perhaps it’s time you made some changes to see what a difference it could make:

Hitting The Snooze Button
Most people are guilty of this; in fact, many people purposefully set their alarm early so that they can enjoy a good snooze before they have to get up. However, that ‘good snooze’ you think you’re getting is very poor quality sleep and which confuses your body and means that your body doesn’t get into the habit of a proper wake-up at a consistent time.

It’s important to get yourself into a solid morning routine, which will keep your body’s natural circadian rhythm strong and may even help you to feel more well-rested and vibrant throughout the day.

Drinking That Morning Coffee
According to All The Stuff, caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world and while there are many benefits to caffeine too, have you looked at what it actually is you’re drinking in the morning? Having a coffee filled with sugar, flavours, syrups, cream, and who knows what else, is not just having a morning coffee. There’s no nutritional value in drinks like these, and the sugar will send your blood sugar crashing because of the absence of protein. To wean yourself off, try having a “skinny” version of your favourite drink with sugar-free syrup. You can also order plain coffee or espresso and add a warming seasoning like cinnamon. 

Skipping Breakfast
Even if you don’t feel like it or don’t have time, skipping your breakfast may lead to increased challenges with focus and concentration, as well as anxiety. Your brain has the highest need for fuel in the morning, and after fasting all night, so it’s important to plan a daily breakfast, or at least a morning snack. 

Drinking Fruit Juice
Orange juice might sound healthy, but it’s actually not all that great as it’s pretty much all sugar and can shoot your energy up but then drops it right back down again and really messes with your blood sugar. Instead eat some whole fruits instead as they contain fibre that slows down your absorption of sugar or a handful of nuts, peanut butter on toast, a couple of eggs, or Greek yoghurt as these are all easy ways to pump up your protein intake at breakfast. 

Constantly Chewing Gum 
Do you ever feel gassy and burpy throughout the day? This could be because you’re chewing gum. The sweeteners in sugar-free gum such as xylitol and sorbitol can cause gas and bloating because they’re not fully absorbed by the digestive system. Plus, the act of chewing gum itself can also contribute to gassiness because you’re taking in a lot of excess air. If you need to have something in your mouth, suck on a peppermint instead.

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