5 Home Improvements You Didn't Know You Needed


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We spend a lot of time in our home’s so it’s natural that they evolve into spaces we enjoy spending time in. Have you ever visited somewhere, looked around and thought, “why didn’t I think of that?”, the inspiration for new home improvements can come at any time so here are 5 home improvements you didn’t know you needed, until now. 

  1. A skylight
    Natural light is such an important feature in the home, not only for practical purposes such as helping us to use less electricity but also for making spaces feel bright and airy. Natural light also has an important role to play in mental health and increasing the number of hours you spend in natural light can help to heighten the brain’s production of the mood-enhancing chemical serotonin. Skylights are also great for staring up at the stars and listening to the pitter-patter of rain, making them a great addition to your home.

  2. A ceiling fan
    Cleaning fans do so much more than just keeping you cool in the summer months. Hot air rises and so most of the hot air in your home ends up near the ceiling, having your ceiling fan circulates the air when your heating is on can help to distribute the warmth more evenly, if you’re worried about wind chill then reverse the direction of your fan so it sucks the air up rather than pushes it down. Ceiling fans come in so many shapes and sizes and many also come with light attachments, find out more  by exploring www.modernfanoutlet.com.

  3. Decorative light switch covers
    Decorative light switch covers are definitely something you probably wouldn’t have thought you needed until you see how much they can improve the finished look of a room. They can be used to hide switches or highlight switches, from vintage brass to vibrant patterns, intricate shapes and fun figures, there’s a cover for every room and every kind of interior design. They also make great additions to kids bedrooms and make remembering to turn off the lights fun.

  4. A hanging chair
    There’s something so magical about sitting in a hanging chair as it gently sways back and forth from the ceiling. A hanging chair can help to create the perfect reading nook or simply add intrigue to any living space. Whether you want a modern space-age egg design or prefer a simple bohemian macrame a hanging chair is the room accessory you didn’t know you needed. Hanging chairs are also great for smaller spaces, allowing more light to circulate the room and maintaining an airy feel.

A boiling water tap
When people first hear about boiling water taps their first reaction is often ‘danger!’ but a boiling water tap is in fact no more dangerous than a kettle. It just takes less time for the water to boil, in fact, it’s instant. Once you’ve had the chance to use a boiling water tap you won't go back, the convenience of instant boiling water revolutionises the kitchen, making cooking easier and serving tea or coffee, instant.

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*Photo credit for collaborative post: Image Credit: Pexels, Free to Use Licence.