1214 Media Productions (1214 Media) provides insightful and empowering content across digital, television, film, and publishing platforms. In its essence, it’s the love child of OWN, Shondaland, and Glossier. 

At its core, the purpose of 1214 Media is to build a community of storytellers creating, sharing, and profiting from authentic, innovative, and entertaining content on a global scale. 1214 Media is based in Beverly Hills, CA, and is founded by Georgetown alum, Candy Washington, who has over 15 years of content creation, public relations, on-camera acting, and digital marketing experience. 


The Essential Self-Care Starter Kit:
Creating meaningful and tangible lifestyle merchandise is another priority for 1214 Media. It’s goal is to provide a line of wellness and self-care products that are carefully curated with the 1214 Media target audience in mind. 

The Essential Self-Care Starter Kit would be an all-inclusive wellness package with products aimed to elevate your mind, body, and soul. Each month a new self-care starter kit will be available with revitalized and fresh wellness products. 1214 Media’s founder currently curates an online shop through Amazon that provides a version of The Essential Self-Care Starter Kit. 


Sugar Pills: 10 Days to Awaken Your Inner Power, is the first book published under 1214 Media. It’s currently available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. The book is a step-by-step guide and journal to activating your self-esteem, self-confidence, worthiness, and power through easy to implement self-care practices. Each day guides you through awakening a core power principle and you’re able to journal your progress through writing, meditation, and affirmation prompts. 


Sugar Pills: Your Weekly Dose of Inspiration to Transform Your Life, is the first podcast published under 1214 Media. The podcast is the perfect component to the book, but it goes beyond the content of the interactive guide. It provides weekly lessons and conversations that are meant to elevate the listener’s consciousness and provide them with actionable insights to take accountability for their lives and their own happiness. 

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self-care sessions

Over the course of one hour, our founder, Candy Washington, will guide you to unlocking your inner power, truth, and abundance. We’ll put together an action plan on how to use self-care as a powerful tool for personal growth. Need more one-on-one more time with her? Then explore more self-care sessions, here.



Through The Billionaire Blogger Society, 1214 Media offers creative professionals personalized guidance, coaching, and consulting to grow their business and create a profitable personal brand that allows them to start making an income doing what they love while becoming an expert in their industry.


1214 Media partners with fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment brands on profitable and purposeful campaigns across all social media platforms. Together, we create video, photo, and written content that is owned and shared by both the brands and the content creators/influencers for a mutually beneficial partnership that elevates all parties involved.