5 Things To Do In Miami


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Miami is one of those cities thats reputation precedes it; every travel lover who has been to the US will have a story about a great time spent here. It has a rich history for being the home of the most glamorous beach bums and the wildest parties, but there is something here for everybody, and if you have the opportunity, then it’s certainly worth the trip.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Miami, however, then what should you do here? We’ve noted down 5 of the must-see places for travel fanatics.

#1: Chill out on Miami Beach

One of the things that Miami is most renowned for is its beaches, and it’s a perfect place to visit due to the fact that it’s both a city and a surfers paradise. If you’re in the city, you simply need to head down to Miami Beach and South Beach, and spend a day soaking up some rays, watching the world go by, and checking out boat rental Miami options if you want to be as cool and stylish as the locals!

#2: Head down to Ocean Drive

If you’re somebody who loves walking around the city and seeing some of the most interesting places, then Ocean Drive should certainly be on your list. It is quintessential Miami; from the art deco buildings to the beautiful palm trees, this place will give you everything that you expected from the city. There are many cafes here, so if you want to get a bite to eat with the locals and feel so Miami, then here’s your spot.

#3: Go to South Pointe Park Pier

Some travel lovers will prefer to relax, and this is nothing to worry about in Miami. South Pointe Park offers some beautiful green areas, and if you’re a fan of cycling or simply walking around the park, then this is a perfect place to go. Head to the pier around sunset if you can, but at any time there is something here that’s worth seeing. There are even free meditation classes here, which is pretty great, huh?

#4: Swing by the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)
You wouldn’t be fully enjoying a city if you didn’t see the finest art that they had on offer, and Miami is no exception when it comes to brilliant works. Whilst there are plenty of options out there, the ICA has some beautiful sculptures worth seeing, and guess what? It’s free. For an inexpensive day away from the hustle and bustle, be sure to check out some of the great art galleries in Miami!

#5: Drink in the cocktail lounges
Of course, Miami has a reputation for being a party city, so it would be pretty rude not to enjoy a cocktail (or two) while you’re here. There are so many cocktail bars around that you’ll be spoilt for choice, and we’re just saying, most of them are extremely Instagram-worthy. Check out some of the options, and enjoy living it up like the locals whilst sharing your travel stories with the awesome bartenders.

Enjoy your time in Miami!

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