Five Things To Do In NYC

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When coming to the Big Apple, like any major city, it can feel like time goes by in a flash and therefore, you want to have an idea of some sort of what you want to get up to while you’re in a city like New York. So here are five things to do in NYC to give you a starting point.

See The Statue Of Liberty Up Close
You may have only seen her in movies, but seeing The Statue Of Liberty up close is something you’ll definitely want to experience. It’s one of those iconic buildings that are even more impressive in the flesh. Based on Liberty Island, there’s plenty of ferries that go back and forth to the statue every day, so it’s one of those tourist areas that is always going to be busy.

Pay Your Respects At The 9/11 Memorial Museum
It’s still harrowing to think about the events on September 11th 2001, where the Twin Towers fell after terrorists hijacked two planes which ended up killing nearly 3,000 civilians. However, although gone, they will never be forgotten, and there’s now a 9/11 memorial museum that has been created to honour those killed. It’s a very haunting and emotional experience but one that is very much worth visiting. 

Experience A New Type Of Dining At Ellen’s Stardust Diner
With every dining experience, there’s no one quite like Ellen’s Stardust Diner, and it’s still pretty unique even today. They sell typical American-style food but with the added twist that all the waiters and waitresses who serve you, sing too. They are mostly made up of performers that are fresh out of drama school or are between work and needing the extra money to take lessons and continue to live in the city. It’s certainly a great experience to have a professional sing while you’re eating.

Be Entertained At A Broadway Show
Talking of performers, one thing you absolutely must do is to see a broadway show. Tickets are usually pretty expensive but you can always get last minute tickets, and TodayTix is certainly one of those apps that you can take advantage of to find great shows at a discounted price. Regardless of how long you’re staying in the city, it’s certainly worth going to catch one whether it’s a foot-tapping musical or a hard-hitting play.

Go Up The Empire State Building
Of all the buildings in NYC, the Empire State Building is likely to be one of the most iconic because of its views on the viewing platform. It’s a typical place for many to take a selfie and an even more commonplace for someone to propose to their loved one. A 102-storey building was constructed way back in 1930, so you certainly see a piece of history here too. 

New York City is home to some of the best food, sights and experiences, so make sure you make the most of it by having these five things on your travel bucket list during your stay.

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