SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: The Giving Keys Discussion with Candy Washington

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I wanted to quickly share with you my recent spotlight feature on The Giving Keys. You can read it on their site here, and below!

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What led you to transition out of a big company and into the more entrepreneurial route of creating ‘Actress with Style’ - your own personal brand?

Becoming an entrepreneur was just the next natural step for me. In my corporate jobs, I learned about building profitable brands, generating press, and fostering relationships, which is the foundation for anyone trying to create their own brand.

I knew that I had a vision for my own life and a brand that I wanted to build and I decided to take the leap and go for it rather than stay stuck on the corporate ladder working to make other people rich and fulfill someone else's dream.

I also wanted to live my life on my own terms and the bureaucracy that comes with a corporate job wasn't a fit for my free spirit. Additionally, I knew that my voice was meaningful and I wanted a platform to share it that wasn't dependent on someone else deciding that what I said had meaning.

If you had to choose one character trait that defines or drives your success what would it be?

I would define my character trait that defines my success as relentlessness. I think that we need to be relentless in our pursuit of our dreams, but never ruthless. We can be successful without losing our moral compass.

Do you feel that having a diversity in interests and influence is the key to finding success in the modern age of social media?

I think it really depends on the person. It depends on what your personal passions are and what your capacity level is to give to your professional endeavors. For me, I'm a storyteller and content creator. So everything that I do is just an extension of that, whether it's acting, hosting, consulting, or doing social media campaigns.

Success, to me, is just deciding every day to do what you're passionate about, regardless of fear. I think to have success in the age of social media is to not let social media define you or determine your self-worth, but to use it as tool to build your brand and to create a community.

I also believe that we're all influential, just some people have bigger platforms, so we should all be mindful of what we're putting out there, because all of our voices are valuable.

On The Billionaire Blogger Society you talked about working on your inner self (self-esteem, happiness, etc.) to improve as an influencer. What parts of yourself have you had to work on over the years and what would you still like to improve on?

The biggest thing that I had to overcome was feeling the need to always “be on” and “be busy.” It was hard for me to take breaks and not feel guilty for not pitching, working, emailing, posting, etc. I had to learn how to slow down, be intentional, and allow myself to enjoy the flow of life.

I think that we're all works in progress, so I'm always looking to improve, learn, grow, and share.

What direction do you want to take yourself and your brand towards in the coming years? Do you have an ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is what I'm doing right now. Enjoying my life and my career while adding value to the lives of others through storytelling. So it's my hope to continue to do this and do it on a bigger scale.

In addition to my other endeavors, I've also started taking on private clients for 1-On-1 Self-Care Sessions, to join me, you can visit here.

-Candy Washington

Actress, Author, and Founder of The Billionaire Blogger Society

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