Why Every Lifestyle Influencer Loves the New Lincoln Aviator

Hi lovelies,

Since we’re on the cusp of a new year, I wanted to find ways to revamp and revitalize various aspects of my life. First up, was redesigning my apartment. I was inspired by my visits to fashion showrooms and relaxing spas, and I wanted to recreate those experiences at-home. I converted my closet into wardrobe racks, displayed my jewelry on a glass tables, added scented candles, twinkling lights, and I updated my home decor by adding vases, dried flowers, crystals, and more. It was comforting to incorporate these key touchpoints into my home which transformed it into my own personal sanctuary.

This is why the intentionality behind the design and engineering of the all new 2020 Lincoln Aviator really resonated with me. They were extremely thoughtful about creating a curated experience for their clients that incorporated meaningful interactions throughout the customer’s journey with the sleek new vehicle, based on non-conventional expectations.


Like me, they took inspiration from the spa and other luxury experiences by switching out the mechanical car sounds with chimes specifically created for the Aviator. It’s such a subtle yet powerful switch.

Another aspect of the all new 2020 Lincoln Aviator that spoke to me was the connectivity between your phone and your fob key. You can open the Lincoln Aviator directly from your phone, track the location of your fob key, and there’s security measures in place such as a pin code to use in case your phone dies and the ability to deactivate the function if your phone is lost or stolen. (this part in red doesn’t feel very authentic, whereas the explanation of the feature feels much more natural.)

The inside of the car actually felt like my sanctuary. It has the latest in music and sound technology through Revel speakers, access to an array of artists on Tidal, Waze accessibility, wireless charging, heated seats with massage capabilities, and so much more.

But what impressed me most was how intuitive the Aviator is. It has a park assist option, where the car will park itself and all you have to do to is hold down the button while parking. The car also has front and back cameras that scan your outside environment and then adapt accordingly depending your surroundings, from avoiding potholes to adjusting how fast or slow you’re driving based on the speed limit signs.

The all new 2020 Lincoln Aviator didn’t disappoint, as it maintained the heritage of the iconic Lincoln brand while adding new, revitalized, and meaningful experiences for today’s driver. It’s definitely a new car for the new year, and I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to be there for the reveal of this spectacular reveal!

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