We’ve Gone App Crazy


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iOS app development companies are in high demand, and it is not difficult to see why. You only need to look at the dominance of Apple products to see that there is a massive market out there for iOS apps. 

When it comes to iOS apps, the standards tend to be higher. This is because mobile app developers need to adhere to the strict standards that are in place. The Apple App Store has very stringent guidelines in place regarding user experience, as they want to create a premium app store. A lot of people also prefer the improved security of the software and the firmware when it comes to iOS. iPhone app development can accommodate features such as integrated data handling systems, measures implemented against the loss of data security, data encryption, and measures implemented to prevent data duplication. Of course, security is something you need to carefully discuss with your app development team – don’t just assume that because it is an iOS app it is going to be secure. You need to make steps to reduce identity fraud like never before. You also have a great platform to grow with iOS apps, as they offer great scalability, which is important for most businesses. All in all, Apple offers many benefits, however, other operating systems have their advantages too, which is why you need to discuss what operating system to use with your app developers. Their expertise is invaluable

In-App Ads

App developers may recommend that you use in-app ads as a way of making money from your application. If you are a regular app user, you will know just how common these ads are. They provide a welcomed alternative to charging outright for your app, which can put people off.

The best business app developers know how to incorporate in-app ads without having a negative impact on user experience. They do this by selecting the best type of ads for your application. We are going to take a look at five of the most common ad types in further detail to give you a better understanding. Firstly, we have banner ads, which aren’t a popular choice with most app development firms. These ads are placed at the bottom or top of the app during use. Banners can be somewhat irritating to the user, as they are distracting. If your developer is advising this approach, make sure they have a good reason why. After all, it does work in some cases! Another popular ad type is advanced overlay, which involves interactive adverts when transition points are used, i.e. when there is a natural pause in the app. Next, we have capture form, which involves offering incentives for users who enter their mobile number or email address, meaning these ads rely on user opt-ins. You also have notification ads, which is when a notification pops up in the smartphone’s status bar, and interstitial ads, which are very popular, as they are designed to generate clicks without causing frustration because they appear during natural pause points.

Factors Impacting App Store Ranking

Ranking highly in the app store is of huge importance for app development firms. They want to ensure that as many people as possible see your app and engage with your brand. So, what factors really influence your app store ranking? Firstly, we have positive ratings. Basically, the better the app; the more exposure. If an app has a five-star rating, it is going to be featured much higher in the app store than an app that only has a two-star rating. This highlights the importance of developing a winning app using the assistance of experts in mobile app development. The number of downloads you receive will also impact where you feature in the app store. Of course, this is somewhat of a catch 22, as you need exposure to get downloads. Developers will use alternative methods to increase downloads while your app is still working its way up the app store rankings. Your targeted keywords also play a big role. You need to select your keywords wisely, as you are restricted to a limited character amount when describing your app in the store. Finally, your title is also important. Titles with keywords in them result in apps ranking 10.3 per cent higher on average.

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