The 3 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Hi lovelies,

Since we all spend a ton of time on our phones and especially on Instagram, I wanted to pull together a Top 5 list of the most inspiring, hilarious, and down-right entertaining Instagram accounts out there, from my perspective.

Feel free to add in your favorite Instagram accounts in the comments section below or let me know on social media

#1: r29unbothered by Refinery 29


Why follow: Because it's all black girl magic, all the time, that's ACTUALLY curated, created, and collected by a black woman. It's not appropriation or exploitation. It's the epitome of what true REPRESENTATION looks like.

Follow @r29unbothered

#2: WrapWomen by TheWrap


Why follow: It's a daily dose of inspiration, education, and empowerment on all things entertainment and how women and girls are leading the way in music, television, film, digital, and politics.

It's refreshing seeing a safe place for women to open up a dialogue about their lives, careers, relationships, and more, that's not trying to sell anything or change women, but to just authentically celebrate women. 

The future is female, the future is now. 

Follow @wrapwomen

#3: The Good Quote


Why follow: In the sea of possibility that becomes our Instagram feeds, it's so lovely to know that no matter what is going on in the world, what storm is brewing, you can scroll over to "The Good Quote," and find a reason to smile, to believe, to not give up, to laugh, to be grateful, and most of all, to love.

Follow them @thegoodquote

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