15 Fabulous Ways to Refresh Your Mind and Soothe Your Soul

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Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is something you have become quite accustomed to over the years. You realize that you shouldn’t have to suffer on a regular basis, but nothing seems to be working for you. When it comes to refreshing your mind and soothing your soul, there are so many different techniques you can try. Whether you’re trying to enhance your workout or improve your diet, every small change can contribute considerable amounts. There could be many reasons why you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you shouldn’t have to suffer any longer. Of course you are going to have worries and stresses in your life, but they should never inhibit you from doing what you really love. If you have yet to find a calming and stress relieving technique that works for you, try some of the following fabulous methods right now.

1. Hydrate! 
You might be surprised to hear that the amount of water in your body can have a direct affect on your mood. If you aren’t drinking enough you will feel slow, sluggish and unmotivated for most of the day. With Berkey water filter systems you can be sure that you are getting your recommended water intake; the water will also be fresh and clean. If you aren’t a fan of plain water then why not spruce it up with some fresh fruit or cordial? Up your water intake to eight or ten glasses a day, and see if your mood improves.



2. Eat Well
As well as water, food can have a huge impact on your stress levels and emotions. If you find yourself binging on high sugar snacks you are likely to experience an unwanted crash right afterwards. Keep your blood sugar steady with slow releasing carbohydrates and whole grain foods. If you get the urge for something sweet grab a green apple and dip it into a dollop of peanut butter. Switching up your diet will work wonders for your mind and body, so why not try it out today?

3. Move Your Body
When you exercise on a regular basis, your body gives off happy hormones called endorphins. These hormones release a positive surge throughout your mind and body, which can help to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Taking on gentle movement each day will help you to overcome your stress and feel calm again.

4. Rethink Your Career 
Your job is such a huge part of your life, so why be unhappy in it? Your career can take a huge turn for the better if you have the guts to admit that you’re unhappy. There is no point in dragging yourself into the office daily when it has such as negative impact on your emotions. Rethink your career and you will soon see a huge improvement in your mental health.

5. Reconnect With Family
When you are having issues with your family it can have a huge knock on effect to you mood. Your family are a fundamental part of your life so you need to remain well connected with them as much as possible. Don’t take your loved ones for granted as you never know when they might not be there. Take the time to call or text them whenever you get a moment and you will soon feel a sense of relief.

6. Assess Your Relationship
If you’re stuck in a toxic relationship, you are never going to get your mental health on track. It can be very easy to feel trapped with someone you have spent a long time with, but you can’t allow this to impact your happiness. If you’re unhappy in a relationship you shouldn’t be afraid to walk away and seek better things for yourself.



7. Put More Effort Into Your Friendships
Your friends are going to be there for you through thick and thin, so you need to value every aspect of your friendships. There are many ways in which you can be a better friend, such as checking up on them when they are poorly or dropping them a text to let you know how much you love them. As soon as you put more into your friendships you will start to get a lot more out of them. 

8. Meditate
Taking some time away from your hectic life to meditate can help you to feel completely calm and relaxed. Use an app to tune out from the world and focus on your breathing for a short amount of time every single day. Meditation is proven to be a healer for anyone suffering from mental health problems or ongoing stress, so why not give it a try?

9. Lose Your Screens
Getting lost in your phone, laptop or tablet screen is becoming all too common these days. People are forgetting to embrace their real lives and they watch the world go by through a screen instead. Try to take some time away from your screen whenever possible; this will help you to really appreciate the wonderful opportunities around you.

10. Submit to Self Care
We sometimes fall victim to stress because we forget to take care of ourselves. Perhaps you’re busy caring for a family member and you don’t have the time to do things for yourself anymore. This won’t help you to feel refreshed and relaxed so it’s time to submit to self care. Whether you take ten minutes to read your favourite book or you go for a short walk in the fresh air, these small acts of self care will work wonders for your mental health



11. Practice Gratitude
When you’re stressed out it is very easy to forget about all the amazing things you have going on in your life. Practicing gratitude will go a long way if you are trying to make a difference to your day to day emotions. Nobody else can carry out this technique for you, so it needs to come from within. Write down two or three things every single morning that you are grateful for and your mood will soon be turned from negative to positive.

12. Reduce Chemicals
The chemicals in your home may be contributing significantly to your stress levels without you even realizing. If you use a lot of antiperspirant sprays or toxic cleaning substances, then you could be breathing in a lot of dangerous fumes. If you want to totally revamp the health levels in your household you need to rethink your habits. For example, you can make your own cleaning products at home from lemons, white wine vinegar and baking soda. Keep your home sparkling clean without breathing in toxic fumes. Going greener might just help you to refresh your mind and feel at ease again.

13. Be Kinder
When you do nice things for other people, you will instantly feel uplifted. Carrying out good deeds is a sure fire way to increase happiness and reduce stress. Even if you buy a homeless person a coffee or help an old lady cross the road, you might find serenity in a daily act of kindness.

14. Talk More
Keeping your feelings bottled up inside will never be useful when you’re trying to refresh your mind and soothe your soul. Try to open up to somebody you trust and talk about how you are feeling. If you struggle to speak about your emotions then you might find it useful to visit a reputable psychotherapist. They will be able to teach you calming and therapeutic techniques to get over your stress and anxiety.



15. Take the Pressure off Yourself
Finally, you need to stop overthinking every stressful situation in your life and take the pressure off. When your mind is constantly overburdened with stress you will start to feel overwhelmed. Take a moment to think about the bigger picture and don’t take life too seriously. Although this is much easier said than done when you are an anxious person, it will help you to achieve calmness in the long run.

Every single person is completely unique, so you might find some of these methods magical. Other methods might seem completely alien to you, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do everything. Over a prolonged period of time you should attempt some of the most appealing techniques and see how they work for you. It might simply be a case of eating well, hydrating more or reevaluating your relationship. You will find the root of your stress soon and the moment you gain clarity will be a life changing time. Suffering from stress and anxiety will never be easy, but you can find a way to gain control over it. Don’t allow your worries to tip you over the edge and give you extra stress in your life. Practice some of the ideas above and you will soon be able to refresh your mind and soothe your soul.

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