The 10 Power Principles to Transform Your Life (Part 1): How Steve Harvey Saved Me

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Ok, so maybe the title of this article is a bit sensational, after all, Steve Harvey didn’t physically save my life, but his words of wisdom, the example that he set, and his personal story of struggles and triumph, inspired me  to continue on my path of building the life that I envisioned for my self.

Taking the leap from Corporate America to pursuing my passion of being a storyteller through writing, acting, and social media, wasn’t easy and there are still times that I get stuck, but now that I have the 10 Power Principles to Transform Your Life that I learned by listening to Steve Harvey’s wisdom, insights, and words of motivation, I’m empowered with a game plan and strategy to ensure my success both personally and professionally.

I wanted to share those power principles with all in hopes that they are of value to you too while you’re on your journey to creating the life that you deserve.

#1: The Power of Surrender

Embrace the power of letting go of expectations, being in control, and dictating the “how” of your hopes, dreams, and vision for your life. Being able to relax into how your career and personal life unfolds allows you operate from a place of flow rather than a place of unmet deadlines and disappointments. You don’t have to carry your burdens alone, and regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs, giving over your worries and anxieties in addition to your dreams and visions to a higher power, gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams with confidence, clarity, and focus.

#2: The Power of a Plan

Create a blueprint and strategy for where you what you want your life and career to look like. Establish goals for yourself and then work backwards from there to create the steps that you need to take in order to reach your goals. Remember, no two paths are the same, so don’t think that your timeline, goals, accomplishments, and milestones has to look like a cookie-cutter version of everyone else’s. It is your race that you are running and no one else’s. Also, have a plan but also be flexible in how your plan unfolds, the power of surrender will help with this.

#3: The Power of Laughter

Speaking from personal experience, whenever I feel sad, discouraged, depressed, or defeated, I have to make the decision to get happy. That starts with doing things that make me laugh, smile, and feel good. There’s a reason why that they say laughter is the best medicine, because it is. Watch funny movies, create a gratitude list, go for a run, listen to upbeat music, talk to your best friend, call your mom, or go to a comedy show. Do whatever brings you joy and gets your endorphins flowing, your frequency up, and gets you back into your happiness overflow.  

TIP: If you’re not enjoying your journey, it isn’t worth it. There’s no reason to look back on your life and realize that you were miserable in pursuit of your dreams. This doesn’t mean that your dream is wrong, it means that your perspective and intentionality might be off. Of course everyday isn’t rainbows and sunshine, but at your core, there should be joy and it’s ok to course correct while on your journey. Dreams, plans, visions, and paths are allowed to change.

#4: The Power of Having Standards

Having and enforcing standards and boundaries is one of the most effective ways to activate your power. We condition people on how they treat us, so if you don’t have standards and boundaries in both your personal and professional life, then you can find yourself being stretched too thin, not fulfilled, exhausted, and worn out, because people will take from you as much as you’re willing to give, so you need to establish boundaries in order to protect your time, energy, and space. The best way to show people how you to treat you, is by example. The way you treat yourself is the number 1 indicator of how other people think that they can treat you.

TIP: Questions to ask yourself: What do I expect of myself, in terms of honesty, trust, respect, and accountability? What do I expect from other people, in terms of honesty, trust, respect, and accountability? Then make sure that your actions are in alignment with those expectations.

#5: The Power of Accountability

The way to transform your vision, dreams, plans, and strategies, into a real life manifestation and accomplish your goals, is by holding yourself and your team accountable. Be accountable to show up for yourself, to think out of the box, to take risks, to learn from your mistakes, to not be afraid to fail, and to make sure that you surround yourself by people who are really there to support you and to cut dead weight when needed. At the end of the day, the only person responsible for your success is yourself, so you have to take accountability and responsibility for your actions and decisions, and most importantly, for how you spend your time.

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