Simple Ways To Make Your Home Feel Like a Home

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Hi lovelies,

Moving into a new house can be stressful. Even once the boxes are put away and you’ve put up your gallery wall, there can still be a feeling of newness that can stop you from feeling 100% comfortable. Sometimes it can take until your moving in party, or once your decorating is completely finished to allow you to settle into the feeling of being truly home. 

Many renters and house-sharers know that there is a huge difference between simply living in a place where you go to eat, sleep and wash and a home that really feels like home and you feel comfortable in. There's often the difficulty of not being able to decorate, knowing that your tenancy is only for a year and also living with people who you may not know.  But a sense of home is all about how you see things, and regardless of the external factors it is possible to curate true warmth, joy and personality no matter where you’re living.

Figuring out how to make your house feel like a real home is about finding out what makes you feel safe and cosy at home. Only you know what truly makes you feel at peace and warm, safe, and happy, but by sitting down and brainstorming on what those things are and then coming up with creative ways on how  to incorporate them into your house or apartment is the first step toward creating a sense of home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

First Impressions 
The hallway is a great starting place and goes a long way in creating the initial impression people have when entering your home.  Make sure your passage is clear of shoes, bags and other clutter. Keeping the colours light and airy to help the space feel less claustrophobic. Keep a door mat on both sides of the door to stop dirt and mud from the outside creating a mess on your carpets. 

Keep Your Clutter Away and Clean Up 
No-one likes mess and unnecessary clutter. A messy or unclean home can invite a whole host of health problems not to mention invite yucky vermin into you home. Think you’ve got a rat or mice problem? Sort it out quickly by hiring a Pest Control service, get your home feeling safe and clean again as soon as possible. 

Let Your Nose Do The Talking
Nothing is nicer than entering a home that smells great. Smell plays a huge role in creating a pleasing environment. Fill your home with air diffusers, incense, scented candles or even fresh flowers, for a home that smells clean and lovely. 

Let The Sun Shine!
It’s a well-known fact that colours can affect our moods. Cool colours like sky blue or lilac are known for being fresh while yellows are known for being invigorating. Warm and autumnal colours are known for making a room feel relaxing. Warms also work really well with neutrals and allow you to keep your space from looking too bland. 

Your home should reflect your personality.
Most importantly, being authentic to your own personal tastes and interior style will instantly add character and atmosphere in your home. If you create an environment that you love to be in, the rest should naturally follow. 

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