4 Ways to Make Your Space More Comfy

Hi lovelies,

Right before the holidays, I redesigned my apartment, and I can’t lie, I love it. I created my space to mirror fashion showrooms and spas by honing in on all of the senses from scented candles, jewelry displays, to knitted blankets.

I wanted to share with you a few ways to make your own space, whether it’s your home, office, apartment, or dorm, into your own personal oasis and place to decompress and express yourself. Plus, another way to elevate the ambiance of your home is with super stylish white flameless LED taper candles.

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4 Ways to Make Your Space More Comfy

#1: Add scented candles

I’m obsessed with making sure that my space smells yummy and that the moment someone walks into my place, they notice the lovely and inviting scents. Depending on your mood, likes, and seasons, scented candles are an easy way to elevate your space. Try spices and richer scents in the winter and opt for citrus and fruity scents in warmer weather.

#2: Add some texture with a throw

I love snuggling up on my comfy couch with a soft throw. It adds a bit of warmth and depth to your place by placing a throw over your armchair, sofa, couch, or chair. It can just be decorative or you can use it to keep and your bae warm. Step up your style game by picking throws with different textures from cotton, faux-fur, knitted, and more and opt for different colors and patterns.

#3: Change up your sofa

The sofa is often times the centerpiece of your living room, so updating where you place your tushies can totally change the vibe of your place. Opt for an updated fabric like velvet or leather. Don’t be afraid to think out-of-box with a modern and sleek style and go for a funky print.

#4: Toss in some pillows

Nothing updates a room like new pillows! Whether they are just decorative or you actually lay your head on them for a little R&R, jazzing up your space with a few new pillows can make all of the difference. Go for some pillows with some sequins for added sparkle or a faux-fur pillow for added softness.

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