Homeowner Money Saving Tips


Hi lovelies,

Owning a home for the first time is a pretty big step, and it can feel like an expensive one at times, but it’s also one of the best investments you can make. So you will end up with many different types of bills coming your way within the first year so what ways can you make sure you don’t end up in the red and have plenty of money to keep your home in top condition over the years as well? 

When you’re home is your own you will want to make it personal and put your own personal touches on the decor from the beginning, this will make everything feel more like home and improve how you think about your property. So while you’re busy considering colour schemes also think about how you can save money by not hiring people to do the simple tasks such as painting, obviously you get full control over what and where everything goes, but also you can save a few pennies and do the work yourself as well. By getting on with the small tasks at home, you will also feel a great sense of pride when you’ve finished too. Be careful though, all your friends will be asking you to fix their houses if they hear about your new-found skills! 

Consider Your Finances
Unless you’re very lucky and have an inheritance to draw from, you will have to get a mortgage which brings a whole new world of calculations and shopping around to do, but there are ways you can keep the costs down by being careful and gaining some advice. Some websites show you comparisons on the different insurances, mortgage rates and information regarding finance options such as how to refinance home loan or other loans you can discover. Ultimately you want to pay as little interest and gain the most favorable loans as soon as possible, then do your best to pay them off as quickly as possible, it isn’t easy, but it’s the best way to get ahead! 

Reduce Food Bills
We all buy those few extra snacks on our weekly shopping that we know we shouldn’t but still do. But aside from cutting down on snacks, what else can you do to cut down on food waste costs? 

Well, meal planning is definitely a significant factor when it comes to saving money on your meals. Making sure you have a plan at the beginning of the week and sticking to it rigidly means you don’t need to guess what’s for tea every day. Also planning ahead really cuts down on your chances of failure, so write a list and keep check of the things that you need! You can even do your supermarket shop online now as well so you can order the same shopping weekly and amend it the next time you’re big shop is due. 

So now you have some basics to follow, you’ll still have the rest of your mortgage to pay everything off so be careful always to pay that first, but everything else can be managed effectively!

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