Why Every Beauty Girl Is Using LaseMD

Hi lovelies,

I had the pleasure of receiving my very first LaseMD procedure at Zena Medical in Newport Beach and I couldn’t be happier with my treatment. Even though it might take a few more days to see the full results on my skin, my experience at the medical center was phenomenal.

I was running a bit behind my normal schedule because I’ve been under the weather lately, but I was determined to make my appointment because having soft, smooth, plump, and even-tone skin is important to me and trying the laser technology experience by Lutronic was not-to-be-missed.

The LaseMD procedure rebuilds healthy skin, rejuvenates pigmented skin, and resurfaces fine lines and wrinkles by treating actinic keratosis, face, neck, arms and decollate care, benign pigmented lesion. lentigos, and freckles.


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I was greeted warmly by Dr. Zena Gabriel, who’s a board-certified dermatologist and has over a decade of extensive integrated experience in medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, Mohs Micrographic Surgery and aesthetic treatments, and she was just as lovely as she was informative and intelligent.

I was then talked through the simple yet powerful procedure that started with cleaning my skin and then by applying a numbing cream to my face - even though the procedure really didn’t hurt. Next, Laura performed the LaseMD procedure to my face and she was warm, friendly, and kind, and talked me through each step so that I felt comfortable and at ease.

I’m so excited to go back for more treatments and to enjoy my results. Here’s to happy, healthy, and glowing skin!

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LaseMD GLO: Laser Skin Resurfacing
What is LaseMD GLO? The newest anti-aging treatment that rejuvenates skin texture and tone using laser heat combined with a potent topical agent. This laser reduces fine lines and discoloration caused by sun damage, while stimulating collagen to create a healthy glow. Results can be seen even after a single treatment.

How does LaseMD GLO work?
Multiple laser beams penetrate the skin creating tiny micro-wounds within the skin. It promotes collagen regeneration which naturally reduces skin imperfections. Following each treatment, a specific anti-aging serum and cream mask are applied to the treated skin – enhancing the experience and optimizing the benefits for a longer-lasting effect. Patient’s experience minimal discomfort during the treatment. The serum is sent home with you to continue applying as your skin heals. By doing this, you are effectively feeding your skin nutrients through the open channels causing maximal results.

Why LaseMD GLO?

• Improves texture and tone of skin
• Shrinks pore size
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Erases unwanted brown spots
• Rejuvenates neck, chest, arms, lower legs, and hands
• Stimulates new collagen formation

What should I expect following a LaseMD GLO treatment?
Healing occurs in less than one week. Some swelling and redness is normal for about 1 -2 days or longer if a stronger setting is used. Make-up may be applied 2 hours following treatment. How soon will I see results? In just a few days, new skin will appear that is smoother and more even-toned. You will continue to see improvement for up to 6 months because of the stimulation of new collagen formation. After the procedure, you will be given specific and individualized instructions on how to obtain optimal results with at-home care.

How many treatments will I need?
Most patients require 3-5 treatments. Each treatment builds upon the last to improve the “GLO” of your skin. All patients are assessed individually and a unique treatment plan will be created for you! The effects following a series of LaseMD treatments are long term and highly successful.

How long will the effects last?
The effects of the laser treatment do not “wear off” with time, however, our body’s natural tendency is to age. To minimize on-going and future damage, preventive measures may be utilized, such as: daily sunscreen use, creating suncoverage with a hat, and avoiding outdoor activity during the peak hours of sun. These lifestyle changes will allow your newly-formed, healthy skin to stay looking refreshed and glowing longer.

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About LaseMD

Dramatically different, LaseMD simply delivers glowing rejuvenated skin through gentle but effective non-ablative fractionated treatments with minimal downtime. LaseMD offers customized skin resurfacing for every patient. It works by creating microchannels with minimal disruption to the stratum cornium while leaving bridges of untouched tissue for improved permeability, fast healing and reduced downtimes. From the award winning, ergonomic design to the patented intelligent features that improve tracking, speed and outcomes, LaseMD has been developed for the physician with the patient in mind.


Lutronic, a leading innovator in advanced aesthetic and medical laser and related technology, was established in 1997 to bring intuitive, robust, versatile devices that are affordable and efficacious to the worldwide medical community. Committed to improving medicine, Lutronic partners with key opinion leaders to advance science and ensure the efficacy of its systems.  All systems are versatile and offer multiple settings and treatment options for customized treatments, which optimize outcomes for a wide variety of conditions in the fields of aesthetics, spine surgery and ophthalmology. 

With a focus on physician needs and patient outcomes, Lutronic dedicates time and funding toward the development of devices that offer features and improvements not found in today’s market. Devoting more than 20 percent of revenues to R&D, Lutronic holds more than 300 current and pending patents worldwide. With Global Headquarters located in the U.S., Lutronic also has an Asian Center in Korea focused on R&D and Manufacturing, offices in Germany, China and Japan and a worldwide network of distributors that is ever expanding. 

About Zena H. Gabriel, MD, FAAD

Dr. Zena H. Gabriel has over a decade of extensive integrated experience in medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, Mohs Micrographic Surgery and aesthetic treatments. As a board-certified dermatologist, she addresses skin health from a multi-dimensional perspective. Utilizing her signature formula, Dr. Zena analyzes the four distinct skin care qualities that comprise perfect skin: color, texture, volume and elasticity. Coupled with her fresh perspective and no-nonsense approach, Dr. Zena helps patients design customized treatment plans to meet their overall aesthetic goals.

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