Why Every Beauty Girl Is Obsessed With eos Shave Cream

Hi lovelies,

With summer time in full swing, making sure that my skin is smooth, healthy, and glowing is more important than ever as I sport my bikinis, shorts, dresses, and tanks. That’s why I trust my skin to eos shave cream.

My new favorite go-to for soft and smooth shaves is their new lavender butter shave cream for sensitive skin. It’s formulated with aloe and wild oat and the ultra-moisturizing shave cream nourishes my skin with 24-hours of deep moisture. Plus, the innovative eos sensitive shave cream contains no added fragrances and soothes the skin during and after every shave.

But when I’m in the need for a little fruity scent in my shower and while I shave, I opt for the eos have cream in pomegranate raspberry. It keeps my skin just as smooth and soothed while adding an elevated shaving experience with the aroma of the fresh fruits. It’s formulated with natural shea butter and aloe to deeply moisture my skin, leaving it soft to the touch and healthy.

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