What I Did When I Wanted To Quit


Hi lovelies,

So I have a confession. A few months back I felt super stuck. Even though I'm passionate about what I do and I feel very grateful to be a full-time content creator, there are times that I feel uninspired, burnt out, and unsure of how to get motivated.

But after taking an honest look at my life and career, I took the following steps below to get my mojo back and reignite my creative juices.

So if you're like me and sometimes just need a break and a life refresh, then read on for a few ways to keep your light shining.

#1: I stopped.

Since I blog, do social media influence, and on-camera work full-time, I couldn't stop blogging 100%, but I did stop blogging just to blog. I took a step back and was more discerning about the brand partnerships that I accepted and I let go of the pressure of having to constantly be pushing out a ton of content.

I allowed myself to not like it. I admitted that I was burnt out with what had become a rat race of blogging for me. I let go of the guilt and shame that I felt of not liking my career choice, one that I had fought so hard to create and sacrificed so much to make work. I decided it was ok to want a break.

This freedom and time allowed me to focus on other things that also gave me joy and that I was passionate about, so when I returned to blogging, I was rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to allow blogging to my familiar and comforting creative outlet like it was before.

#2: I went dark.

I took a social media break. I stopped being a slave to my phone and to my screens. I auto-mated my posts for awhile and then privately went dark. It was super refreshing to stop and look around, in real life, and appreciate all of the beauty and inspiration that's around me and not featured on someone's feed.

The social media detox allowed me to remember that it's not a competition and that it's a just a blog and it's just a few apps. Even though I'm pretty grounded, I'm still human, and it's easy to compare your journey to the journey of others or place too much importance in things rather than in your overall happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

#3: I started over.

Welcome to the NEW Actress with Style! I was so tired of coming to my same-old website, to the same photos, and the same design. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely proud of my blog and it had an awesome design, if-I-do-say-so-myself, but I wanted something new. I wanted a new look to reflect my own personal growth as an entrepreneur, as a content creator, as an on-camera talent, and as a woman.

So I woke one day and just redesigned my site. I didn't plan it out. I didn't create an editorial calendar. I don't have a stock pile of new content ready to roll out. I had nothing but a desire to revitalize my site and start over.

I broke down what areas I wanted to be influential in and have new experiences in. I wanted to challenge myself to start creating content that scared me and pushed me beyond my normal and comfortable topics of fashion, style, and beauty.

So I added a few new categories without any content to put in them because I no longer see my blog as a library of past experiences, but as a promise to myself, and to my readers, of all of the new and challenging experiences to come. I added in a Food & Travel category, because I want to try new restaurants and travel the world. I added in a Personal Stories category because I want to hold myself accountable to blog regardless of sponsorships and to write because it's my first love and to share fearlessly regardless of the pressure of judgment.

This allowed me to remember why I loved blogging in the first and why it remains a career worth fighting for. It reminded me that I owe it to all of you to stay present in the moment and to share from my authentic self. It also gave me permission to explore new avenues and experiences, to constantly challenge myself. I determine my journey, I'm not categorized by it.

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