So obsessed right now...

I am so obsessed with...
  • Family: I'm blogging on the road with my family from a massive family reunion/vacation - awesome to be reminded how important and special family is in your life
  • Cleanses: I plan on buckling down and doing the infamous Master Cleanse when I get back to New York 
  • Dehumidifiers: My Chateau de Candy (what I call my fab apartment) flooded last week and finding a dehumidifier and two fans have been clutch
  • WordMole on BlackBerry: OK, so I might be the only person on planet that still has a BlackBerry without a complimentary iPhone to go with it and I'm not a videogamer either, but the very simple game of WordMol have kept me preoccupied on the days I forget a book while riding the subway
  • Bread & Butter: I love the fresh salad bar at this Union Square deli and eating outside on these sunny Summer days