The Hunger Games Beauty and Other Fashionable Movie Loot - from the High Low

From my friends at the High Low, check out the latest in the Hunger Games craze. What do you think?

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First Eat Pray Love inspired a three-product capsule collection from beauty line Fresh.  Then Los Angeles-based nail polish company OPI looked to The Muppets for a limited edition range of colors (“Warm and Fozzie,” anyone?).  The Twilight franchise offers attendant beauty lines for both teens and adults (called Volturi and Luna, respectively).  The producers even partnered with PRO Beauty Tools to create a branded line of hair tools to help fans easily mimic Twilight‘s characters’ hairstyles.
Now several more movies — or rather, their profit-minded producers — are leaping on the beauty product bandwagon.

Lionsgate, which produced the current blockbuster The Hunger Games, partnered with China Glaze to create a “Capitol Colours” line of polishes.   The Amazing Spider-Man, which comes out in May, will launch simultaneously with a line of OPI-created polishes.  And lest you get bored and think movies are only branding themselves in the nail-centric section of the beauty department, Universal Pictures and HSN are partnering on full collections of beauty, fashion, and housewares in conjunction with the June release of Snow White and the Huntsman.