Diary of an actress #1: Last minute auditions and what you should always carry

So today started out pretty standard, encountered a random crazy person on the subway, had a half a grapefruit for breakfast, and gingerly day dreamed about what I would do after work on this glorious first day of Spring.

Half way through my day I get a call from a top commercial casting agency, saying they need to see me for a national commercial by 5pm, of course I said I would be there as soon as I could. Luckily I ate lunch at my desk today and worked while I ate, so I could spare the time to hop to the audition.

But since my day was pretty standard, I wasn't dolled up and camera-ready and I had foolishly left my make-up bag at home. So like any innovative actress, I sprinted to the nearest Sephora and gave myself an impromptu (and free) make-over and then jetted to the audition.

The moral of this story? 

Never get caught without your make-up bag, a hairbrush, heels, and a tank top. If you're lucky, a pretty standard day can quickly turn into a pretty awesome day.

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