New York Shoe Expo: Where your inner Carrie Bradshaw goes to swoon

(New York, NY – February 1-3, 2012): Wonder why fashionistas always flock to footwear? Because its the one fashion find that always fits. During the New York Shoe Expo this past week hosted by the Fashion Footwear Association of New York, I scoured the booths to bring you the break-out brands of the show and used my keen fashion sense to extract the top trends in shoe design. Stand-out shoe stars and pictured below were Italian shoe brand Modern Pulse and American designer Angels of Miracle. Read below for our top trends for your toes:

Trend 1: Get pumped up for platform wedges. So long stilettos, retro is where its at. Tall, thick wedges are making a comeback. You can look great while gaining some height and support.

Trend 2: Sorry again stilettos, but festive flats are all the rage. Slip on some sparkly flats to seamlessly go from day-to-night.

Trend 3: Bling, bling, bling. Statement shoes, well, make a statement. Opt for jewels, feathers, studs, and mixed color patterns over sequins, which was so 2011.

Trend 4: Junk in the trunk. Booties are so cute this season. Your best bet are colored leather booties which doubles as another trend of having pops of colors.


Trend 5: Black, sleek, and modern. For a New York twist choose black leather booties with a hint of wedge or tall black lace-up boots with a thinner heel.

By: Candy Washington
Also published in Fashion Edits.
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