1st Ever Fragrance Awards: 26 Winners from SELF Magazine

Wanted to share with you guys the first ever Fragrance Awards held by my friends at SELF magazine! The winners are featured in the November issue - so be sure to pick up a copy! The awards came about as an extension to the not-to-be-missed Healthy Beauty Awards. Here's some info on the awards:
  • Real women reader testers spritzed and sniffed every scent launched in the past year to find the best out there to win the Fragrance Awards
  •  SELF sorted 248 bottles into 26 scent categories according to their top/middle/bottom notes (citrus, floral, fruity, etc) and then set up a blind test
  • Panelists jotted hundreds of pages of notes and we tallied the results to unveil the top 26 winners
  • Within that you will find the best mood lifter, fresh scent, most boldly seductive scent, best make-a statement scent, youth in a bottle and more!
  • You can check out the feature here: http://www.self.com/beauty/2011/11/fragrance-awards-2011-slideshow#slide=1
  • See below for the spread

My editor's pick?

Emilio Pucci Vivara Variazioni Verde 072, $59. Lush notes such as grass, dew and bamboo mark the "green" grouping. This favorite among them stood out for its "subtle" yet "clean" (thanks to a mint-leaf top note), "outdoorsy" vibe. Testers said they'd wear it when dashing to "a casual lunch with friends" and agree that it would "work wonderfully if going to a picnic." In a Pucci wrap dress, natch.
Devon Jarvis
Candy WashingtonComment