I want my ideeli!! Roberto Cavalli edition

Roberto Cavalli lives and breathes luxury: from his lavish villa in Tuscany to the A-listers he dresses (and calls friends). A native of Florence, Cavalli hails from an artistic family, and studied textiles at a local art institute (and even before graduating, his exotic knit prints were raising eyebrows throughout Europe). Everything in Cavalli's life is fabulous—especially his designs. Each item he creates captures his luxe lifestyle, and Roberto Cavalli watches are no exception. Incorporating the signature Cavalli attention to vibrant colors and metal accents, each timepiece is poised to instantly up your chic quotient, and provides superior functionality. And lest we forget from whom these watches hail, there is also a dose of playfulness that speaks to Cavalli's celebration of la dolce vita. Simply put, to wear Roberto Cavalli is to feel as if you have arrived.

ideeli prices for this event start at $69

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