The incomparable Carole Shashona's "Black Diamond" collection at Barneys Beverly Hills

Hi lovelies,

I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Carole Shashona, jewelry designer and creator of “Meditation-on-the-Go,” the innovative to meditate and de-stress, anytime, anywhere, by simply using her mindful jewelry designs, inhalation mists, or meditation candles.

What sets Carole's designs apart from the rest is that she infuses the Art of Being: Spirit, Mind, and Body into every piece and using Sensory Design technique that incorporates all of the senses to increase your overall wellbeing and promote wellness. 

She debuted her new "Black Diamond Collection" at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills and gave me a private mantra session where she advised me on what my personal mantra would be based on my birthdate, month, and the energy that she perceived from me.

Whenever I need to take a moment to meditate, I'll rub the coin and jewel on my bracelets, meditate, and repeat my mantra. I can slow down and create inner peace, anytime, anywhere, with my Carole Shashona jewelry, you can shop here for yours.

The scoop on the Black Diamond Collection:

Sensory designer Carole Shashona redefines the purpose of statement jewelry by combining aesthetic beauty with spirituality. From the visual side, the luxe “Black Diamond Collection” perfectly encapsulates the elegance of the Art Deco period with the funkiness of America Pop Form and the mysticism of the Far East. However, the pieces also have symbolic meaning, as they are rooted in the art of Feng Shui and designed to bring harmony, protection, love, health, and overall positive energy to the women who wear them.

The Carole Shashona “Black Diamond Collection” launched 3 (three) years ago. It includes bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and hair accessories with precious gemstones, crystals and black diamonds, set in sterling silver or gold. The collection is sold exclusively at select Barneys New York locations. Retail price ranges from $3,500 to $65,000.

Carole trained with a Grand Master of Feng Shui in Hong Kong for 16 years, and became a Grand Master herself upon his passing. The “Black Diamond Collection” was inspired by Carole’s spiritual journey through the sacred images of nature depicted in the philosophy of Shan Shui art. As an art form, Shan Shui evokes a sanctuary of peace, patience, and harmony. Based on the teachings of the I Ching, Shan Shui captures the emotion and atmosphere of the mountains and waters, and Carole wanted to design a line of jewelry that also depicts the beauty she found in her personal journeys in the Far East. The black diamonds represent the reflecting stones she saw in the mountain streams as she walked with her Master and learned valuable lessons.

Carole’s interest in Eastern cultures and belief in the energy-influencing powers and colors also led her to a friendship with Andy Warhol, as they both shared similar philosophies on this topic. Crossing paths with Andy has encouraged and helped her to introduce designs for “wellness on the Go” with the splendor and power of healing stones.

Carole names her pieces based upon an understanding of natural essences combined with a practical knowledge of the rhythms of nature. She chooses each name based on the energy they provide. Carole believes the beauty of jewelry not only radiates outward, but sends beauty, balance, and serenity back inward to the wearer. For example, “The Earth Essence Lotus Bracelet” is named after a flower that balances inner struggle in order to emerge with singular beauty. Earth is symbolic of security, and essential to growth and grounding support. Carole suggests wearing the bracelet on the left wrist, which influences your personal desires and positive energy.

All designs feature a signature coin with black diamonds, whether attached to the piece or as a separate charm. This special coin is a personal amulet, and fashioned to assist with meditation at home or “on the go”.

“My jewelry was inspired and designed to evoke and maintain those same meditative qualities in whomever wears it, to follow them throughout their day, and to remind them of their dreams and desires,” says Carole. “Like all of my designs, every piece in my Black Diamond Collection works like a life compass, keeping the wearer on course toward personal happiness.” 

More on Carole: 
Carole is recognized as the only Asian trained American Grand Master in Feng Shui; she was trained in both the Compass and Black Hat Tantric Buddhist Schools. Following her training, Carole partnered with Louise Hay and Barbara Brennan to establish the Center of Living in New York, a destination promoting health and wellness. She also studied under Dr. Annemarie Colbin, the originator of Macrobiotics. To add to her credentials, Carole is a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design (and an accredited member of the ASID), and the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, in Fashion & Design.