Why Bali: Beats of Paradise Is The Must-See Documentary of The Year

Hi lovelies,

One of the most inspiring documentaries debuting this year is Bali: Beats of Paradise, directed by the incomparable Livi Zheng. The documentary is centered around educating and enlightening us around the Gamelan music genre with Indonesian composer Nyoman Wenten and the Grammy Award winning artist, Judith Hill.

Impressively, Nyoman Wenten has been one of Bali's most notable musicians and dynamic dancers for over the past 40 years.

It was interesting to learn that Gamelan, which is a traditional form of Indonesian music, had been featured in the iconic film, Avatar, the iconic Nintendo game by Mario Bros, and the legendary television series, Star Trek. The documentary explores how this musical genre based in heritage and legacy, has been making major moves crossing over into mainstream music, film, and TV.

This dynamic led to Judith Hill and Wenten collaborating on how to mix the Gamelan music with a hip-hop and modern vibe that really brought the documentary to life. The documentary is also centered around shooting and creating a collaborative music video for their song, Queen of the Hill, that was a mixture of Gamelan music and funk, with the goal of getting over a million views!

The majestic music video was filmed in Joshua Tree Desert located in Southern California and highlighted the traditional Balinese dance, enchanting costumes, Judith’s amazing singing, and the blending of Gamelan and funk musical genres.

Watching the documentary takes you on a beautiful journey on how music has the power to change and inspire us all.



The world premiere will be at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, CA on Wednesday, November 7.

Subsequently, open in theaters in Los Angeles and New York on November 16 followed by one night only screening events in select cities across the country.

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