3 Ways to Rock a $15 Shirt from Target

Hi lovelies,

While perusing the magazine and beauty aisles at Target, which admittedly, is one of my favorite pastimes, you never what goodies, steals, and deals that you will find at Tar-jay, I luckily mosied on over to the clothing section.


After checking out the shoes, boots, bags, and new clothes for Fall, I stumbled into the Girls clothing section - don't judge me, at a mere 5 feet tall I take my perks where I can get them - and immediately fell in love with a soft sweater with pink floral designs on the arms, a soft white front and back, and the quote, "Enjoy the little things," scribbled across its front.  It was instantly a must-have for my closet and at only $15, there was no guilt when I happily dropped my new fashion find into my cart and headed toward the check-out. 

As I smiled to myself, my mind started to play and wander on how I would rock my new pretty-in-pink sweater.

Check out below the 3 ways I plan to rock my new sweater in style this season. Hope you enjoy and feel inspired as well. You can pick up the sweater in Target stores and online here.

Look #1: Sweater, leather pants, and heels

This is the ideal look for cocktails with the girls, a night on the town, or when you stand-out in a crowd. To achieve this sleek and sophisticated look, pair the $15 Target sweater with black leather pants and black heels, to make a fashionable statement without breaking the bank. 

Look #2: Sweater, denim cut-offs, and tall boots

For a more casual and relaxed look, opt to pair this $15 sweater with faded denim cut-off shorts, and camel-colored tall boots. This look is perfect for running errands, casual outings, shopping, and just hanging out. 

Look #3: Sweater, pleated black skirt, and grey booties

For a griller look that can take you from the red carpet to a first date, rock the $15 sweater with a pleated black skirt and grey booties with a medium heel. The skirt adds a level of flirty-ness that enhances the already feminine qualities of the pink floral pattern on the sweater's sleeves. The grey booties also elongates the legs which is perfect for walking the red carpet, date night with your beau, or when you are in a mood to be a girly-girl.

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