The New “It” Decade for Fashion: The '70s

Hi lovelies,

Say bye-bye to neon, leggings, and side-shoulder tops of the '80s and cropped top tees of the '90s and hello to the Birkin bags, oversized felt floppy hats, bell-bottoms, fur vests, and bangs. Below are some of the latest fashion trends to rock the '70s look in style.

The boot:
Rock knee-high boots with any outfit to channel your inner '70s chick.

The bag:
Nothing says '70s glam and high fashion like a Birkin bag. There's usually a waiting list for the bag and it is definitely a splurge item, but it's timeless and never goes out of style.

The jeans:
Light-washed bell-bottoms were all the rage in the '70s and lighter hued jeans are back in a big way. The bell-bottom silhouette is a nice departure from the skinny jean craze.

The shades:
Skip the Aviators and opt for a two-tone look with a straight across design for a '70s chic look.

The top:
Like Kate Bosworth, to capitalize on the '70s trend opt for crocheted tops, loose-fitted silhouettes, and light colors.

The hat:
More than just a fashionable to protect your face from the sun, wear an oversized floppy hat on the beach, on the streets, and at the festivals to add the perfect amount of the '70s trend to any look.

The total look:
Wedges, a floppy hat, side-shoulder purse, bell-bottoms, and a flowy top. You can't go wrong with this head-to-toe look that can easily go from day-to-night.