Tea with Candy: How to get fit with my secret weapon: FitTea Detox

Hi lovelies,

During today's “Tea with Candy” I reveal how to get and stay fit and my three secret weapons for living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Happy and healthy secret weapon #1: Less carbs and more green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruit.

This one isn't so much a secret but definitely worth repeating. I feel lighter and more energized when I bypass a morning bagel and opt for a grapefruit and side of cottage cheese instead.

Happy and healthy secret weapon #2: Make exercise fun! Dance your way to a lean and fit body.

Although I do like to hit the gym and run outside when it's nice out, I get tired of the hitting the treadmill and pavement over and over again. So now when I want to add some excitement to my workout routine, I slip on my headphones, turn up my tunes, and just dance. The time flies, my heart is pumping, sweat is flowing, and I just feel inspired and happy.

Happy and healthy secret weapon #3: Start your day with FitTea Detox.

Every morning I have a cup of FitTea Detox. It promises that if you, "Give us a few weeks and we'll give you a new waistline.” It's an all-natural tea that gives me energy, boosts my metabolism, aids in my digestive health, and boosts fat-loss naturally in some of my target areas.

Since I'm always on-the-go, FitTea Detox also helps me from getting sick and worn out as it helps me to build a rock-solid immune system and it super charges and boosts my overall immune system and gives me more energy. I drink FitTea Detox both warm and cold. Its ingredients allow for fast-working and natural detox and have natural antioxidants and include: organic green tea, oolong Wu Yi, organic Rooibos, ginger, pomegranate, guarana, birch, Stevia, corn and honey powder. There's also a caffeine-free option.

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Bonus happy and healthy secret weapon: Drink a ton of water!

Not only is water great for your skin but it's also one of the best ways to flush out toxins and lose weight.

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*Although this post was sponsored by FitTea Detox, all opinions of the product and content are my own.