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meet candy

Candy Washington is an on-camera talent, author, influencer, and the founder of 1214 Media Productions where they provide insightful and empowering content across digital, television, film, and publishing platforms. 

She’s also the creator of  Actress with Style, a popular lifestyle brand focused on fashion, beauty, entertainment, and travel that's geared toward the active millennial, as well as The Billionaire Blogger Society, where she consults creative professionals on how to create profitable personal brands. 

Her first book, Sugar Pills: 10 Days to Awaken Your Inner Power, a meaningful self-care journal and guide, is available at Amazon and on Amazon Kindle and was featured in L.A. Style Magazine’s ‘Women in Power’ issue. 

Candy can be seen on The Doctors on CBS as an on-camera talent and social media expert. Up next for Candy is the role of Tyra in the independent feature film, A Rose in Concrete, and making a cameo appearance in the digital series, The Salon

She’s also the on-camera host for The Beauty Studio and has appeared in numerous BuzzFeed videos. Previously, she was an on-camera host for Disney Style and she has also appeared in the TBS show, Are We There Yet? and in You Rock, Let's Roll, on FUSE.

She's also done extensive script coverage for Emmy award-winning writer and producer Lena Waithe. Additionally, Candy is a V.I.P. Influencer for FOX shows Empire, STAR, Lethal Weapon, and Pitch. She's also partnered with Lionsgate as a social media influencer for their launch and red carpet premiere of Power Rangers.

Two years in a row, Candy has been a panelist during the premiere beauty conference, BlushCon, and her digital series, The Ratchet Pack, was screened during the Indie Night Film Festival. She's also going to be a presenter during The Altitude Summit on personal branding, past keynotes of the conference have included Jessica Alba and Minka Kelly.

Featured and published in Teen Vogue, Refinery29, BuzzFeed, Simply Stylist, Independent Fashion Bloggers, PopSugar, BRINK Magazine, FOX Magazine, The Stream TV, Muses, and more, Candy has solidified herself as a sought-after resource for on-camera talent and lifestyle guidance.