Episode 9: Five Ways to Stop Caring About What People Think

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Hi lovelies,

Tired of letting comments, criticism, clap-backs, and shade get you down? Then listen to this episode of Sugar Pills: A Practical Guide to Self-Care and get your power back.

Five Ways to Stop Caring About What People Think

  • Know the difference between an opinion and a put-down

  • Don’t give away your power to choose (accept vs. reject)

  • Your opinion trumps all

  • Be mindful of your perspective - create space and observe

  • Don’t internalize other people’s insecurities - Ask yourself: “Do I agree with what these people are saying about me?”

  • Bonus: Are you projecting your own thoughts, fears, and insecurities onto what someone else said?

As always, I’m honored that you’re joining me on our journey to self-love, self-care, self-worth, and self-discovery. It is my hope that this podcast adds some joy, love, happiness, and actionable insights to your life.

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