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Joico x Color Butter x Larisa Love Salon

Joico x Color Butter x Larisa Love Salon

Hi lovelies,

Who doesn't love changing up their look and adding in some flair with vibrant colors?! That's why I loved celebrating the launch of Joico's NEW Color Butter, an healthy way to keep your new hair color vibrant and long-lasting. 

Color Butter is the perfect mixture of hair conditioner and pigment to keep your color-treated locks looking luscious and on-fleek. Get the full beauty recap below!

"Joico’s NEW Color Butter the instant way to fight the fade or add hot shades. Joico Color Butters are color-depositing treatments that instantly add vibrant color or refresh faded color, while reducing breakage by over 44%! The low-commitment Color Butters last for up to 10 shampoos and come in six bold shades: Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Green and Titanium, so you can play with color like never before! Refresh fashion colors with these rich color boosters for an easy amp-up to that color your clients have been loving, or you can use on their own for a great, low-commitment pop of color on naturally blonde or pre-lightened hair, all the while treating your client’s hair to nourishing, ultra-moisturizing ingredients and hair-repairing and strengthening technology from THE healthy hair company!"

Vibrant, bold and fun, Color Butter shades are matched perfectly to Joico’s most popular Joico Color Intensity for easy refreshing for you. Stylists can even use Color Butter after a Color Intensity color service; use Color Butter in lieu of conditioner for longer-lasting color results with a burst of extra color, condition and shine! Then send your clients home with one for easy maintenance. Or introduce clients to bold color without the long-term commitment! A great in-salon service and at-home care – a win-win for both stylist and client.

Why You’ll Love Them

  • Instantly add vibrant color (to naturally blonde or pre-lightened hair)
  • Refresh faded color (to naturally blonde or pre-lightened hair)
  • Lasts up to 10 shampoos (depending on daily care habits, hair history and texture)
  • Fragrant scent: sweet and inviting, you’ll love applying it!
  • Reduces breakage by over 44% (against combing breakage when using Color Butter vs. clean damaged hair)

Parched strands become completely quenched, gloriously glossy, and silky to the touch; that's becauseColor Butter strengthens weak, pre-lightened hair, restoring vital moisture levels that leave hairfrizz-free and amazingly responsive to styling.

As for color? The sky's the limit: Extend the life of your client's investment shade for up to 10 shampoos with our unique rainbow pigments: GREEN, BLUE, TITANIUM, PURPLE, RED, and PINK give you the freedom to touch up dipped tips or even create whimsical pinwheels in a flash! The possibilities are endless. Color Butter offers a rich-yet-weightless treatment that gives you the pop of a temporary color with intense conditioning benefits.

The How To

Color Butter is an all new color-treatment category that opens the door to practically endless usage possibilities… Here are a few unique ways to get the most from your Color Butter in the salon and at home. Wearing gloves is recommended when applying and rinsing and cover clothes during application.

Color Butter can be creatively intermixed for endless shade and intensity options. There are three different ways to create your own custom shades:

1. Intermix each shade for strong, bold and artistic customized shades.
2. Intermix any shade or customized formula with your favorite Conditioner like K-PAK® Color Therapy™ or Moisture Recovery to dilute or lighten the intensity a shade.
3. Deepen your Color Butter shades by repeating an application 2-3 times. Apply your first application, process, and rinse the hair. Repeat this process 2-3 times to deepen your color butter result.

When pre-lightening hair prior to applying Color Butter, use the following guidelines for optimum results:

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 6.08.55 PM.png
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