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Barkwood: The New "It" Fashion Brand

Barkwood: The New "It" Fashion Brand

Hi lovelies,

One of my favorite things about being a fashion blogger is discovering the next big thing in fashion and style and then sharing it with you guys - and that's exactly what happened when I was introduced to the latest "It" brand in fashion, Barkwood. 

I instantly fell in love with their classic yet trendy collection of Schoolgirl Plaid trousers and signature Lamb Moto Leather dresses. The fashion line also features a universal color palette of looks that are relevant from season to season. 

In celebration of the launch of the new brand, they held an innovative installation preview called, "The Destination is the Journey," which was curated by Lost Found Decor. The installation showcased two sets of 10 looks with draped silhouettes. The concept behind the installation was to effortlessly telling the story of a group of friends on a journey, who ultimately finds themselves in a rural location. 

Held inside Studios 60, a warehouse filled with some of fashions finest influencers, who captured selfies at the Barkwood embossed wall, signature drinks by Mixologist LA included the "Tomboy Chic" and "Barkwood Girl," it was a launch party not-to-be-missed. 

According to the head designer and founder of Barkwood, Charniece White, she wanted "the inspiration for the collection, to be transitional and made for the girl who can 'run in the mud.'" She continues as says, "I wanted to people feel "fearless, weightless, classless, ageless, and boundless." 

A B O U T B A R K W O O D  C U L T U R E
Barkwood culture embraces becoming your best self without adhering to what society has deemed as acceptable and normal. Barkwood culture promotes individuality and self-acceptance.

Our clothes are designed with the drape of the garment considered on a variety of shapes and sizes. Extra time is taken during the development and design process to ensure the garments not only flatter a variety of body types, but also seamlessly transition time, lifestyles and seasons. Women are multidimensional, and so are our clothes.

We shot our lookbook on a size 2, and shot our product shots on an 8 and 16 to show how the garments seamlessly flatter a wide range of silhouettes. Our quality standard is high for our garments.

We use premium fabrics and finishes to ensure a well-made garment that will last. Our clothes are meant to be lived in, comfortable, classic and chic. We believe you do not need to sacrifice one for the other. Barkwood clothes are meant to work with you, not against you. Our garments are proudly produced in the USA.

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