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achi x Kandee Johnson

achi x Kandee Johnson

Hi lovelies,

Kandee Johnson is one of the fiercest beauty influencers out there, so it was no surprise that the launch of her make-up collaboration with achi Beauty was one of the not-to-be missed events of the season. 

We partied at the Doheny Room in West Hollywood, got pampered with gel manicures and massages, munched on scrumptious sushi, and sipped on yummy signature cocktails. 

Get the full beauty scoop below!

Interview with the CEO of achi Beauty, Valerie Anderson

What made you think of this line? 
I own a nail salon in Manhattan Beach and there was not enough high end brands, that I felt were as good as the main brands so I wanted to come out with something that combined every quality that I loved about other brands so this is how achi was born, when we went to Japan found a chemist that could make everything that I want.

What inspired you?
All the women that are my clients, that I see every day because everybody loves to get their nails done and I wanted something healthy for them and also made them feel good when they get it done that’s why I made it strawberry scented nail polish.

How do you value the power of the beauty industry?
I value it very much, I feel really is now the pioneers of the beauty industry their options are very important to every brand. 

What method of outreach will capture your brand the best Instagram, Facebook, twitter?Social media, Instagram right now it is very strong in putting your brand out there.

What is your favorite thing about achi? What can we see from the brand? 
I love everything about it, the colors especially the rose gold, the nude colors, if you see the packing its all beige, pink and rose gold and very feminine. We just came out with the rose gold tweezers and having a presence of a luxury feel to the beauty and nail industry. 

How is this perfumed? 
We use a natural strawberry scented oil.

How did you come up with strawberry?
We tested out different scents, and I felt that I wanted for my first launch I wanted something that reminded me of my childhood and scratch and sniff stickers. 

Where can we buy the brand? 

 Candy Washington


achi is a premium beauty luxury line created by Valerie Anderson, who is a seasoned expert in the nail industry. Anderson currently owns several businesses in the Manhattan Beach, California area. After much anticipation, Anderson is now sharing her nail passion with the world through her new lavish line of luxurious scented gel nail polish and beauty tools.

The achi brand has created a nail polish that uses a formaldehyde-free formula, which yields exceptionally pigmented color, wherein consumers no longer need to resort to multiple applications to achieve the desired color. The cruelty-free gel polish is made in Japan and has a sweet, strawberry scent, making the polish unrivaled within the beauty industry. There are 45 colors in the collection and nail enthusiasts will be happy with the range of nude polishes that the brand offers. achi’s top and base coats are known for no peel and no lift adhesiveness.

A natural and cruelty-free product is key when launching a luxury brand that also appeals to the consumer and industry experts. Creating a scented polish using a natural fragrance took months of perfecting, “the amount of oil to use without affecting the adhesion and pigmentation was quite the challenge.” States Anderson, but these types of beauty products need precise results to develop a long-lasting nail gel. achi’s distinct scented gel polishes stay on your nails after multiple washes.achi ‘s Nail gels were inspired by vintage perfumes and will leave a scent to create nostalgia everywhere you go.

In addition to scented gel polishes, achi is launching a single finger curing lamp which has LED lighting and allows a convenient and user-friendly gel application. This Unique curing lamp sets gel polish in place so it will last up to three weeks. The product will be sold individually and in package sets which are a perfect gift for any occasion. Inspired by a fierce pair of stilettos, achi is also launching a line of premium yellow and rose gold plated tweezers.  With a fierce design unlike any other, the achi tweezer will be the sexiest tool in your beauty bag.

achi’s elegant packaging was inspired by Anderson’s love of Owls. After visiting the famous Owl Cafe in Japan, Valerie knew that this was the ultimate symbol for her unique product.   Owls represent “wisdom and femininity, along with magic and mystery,” Anderson is confident that her beauty products design and features will allow one to feel beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside.

achi will be releasing new beauty tools and products in addition to the one of a kind scented nail gels. For more information about achi, please visit www.HouseOfAchi.com @houseofachi

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