Power Hour Self-Care Session: 60 Minutes of Personalized Coaching

Power Hour Self-Care Session: 60 Minutes of Personalized Coaching

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Over the course of one (1) hour, let me guide you to unlocking your inner power, truth, and abundance.

We’ll partner on identifying your key areas of grow, and together, we’ll put together an action plan on how to use self-care as a powerful tool for personal growth.

Together, we’ll foster sacred self-care rituals and practices to expand your mind, body, and soul.

Our time together will highlight healthy ways to create work/life harmony, private time for personal reflection, unique journaling practices, adopting a lifestyle of gratitude, setting intentions, and creating a safe space for truthful conversation to facilitate the best environment for growth.

After our private coaching session, you will be given a personalized action plan to guide you throughout your journey and to optimize your personal growth results.

You’ll receive personalized emails at the beginning and at the end of our time together to encourage and foster your growth.


Together, we will set a goal and intention for what will accomplish during our time together. You will also receive a personalized action guide at the beginning of our time together.

These action plans may include:

  • Personalized thought-starters for journaling

  • Goal-setting tools

  • Customized meditations

  • Unique daily affirmations

  • Daily tools to cope with stress and obstacles

  • And more!


  • 1 power hour of personalized coaching (60 minutes)

  • 30 minute on-boarding consultation at the beginning of our time together, prior to our power hour kick-off

  • Live conference call or video call for our time together

  • A tangible self-care action plan personalized for your goals and needs

  • A complimentary follow-up session to make sure that the tools that you gained during our time together are beneficial in helping you to continuously grow

  • A coaching disclaimer to sign prior to our work together

Have questions prior to purchasing? Send an email to: info@candywashington.com

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