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Hi lovelies - I’m sure that you’ve heard all about self-care and wellness, but I wanted to share with you that ‘self-care’ is more than a cliché buzzword.

It’s an effective and meaningful way to create a healthy relationship to your true self, tap into your inner power, reclaim your rightful place in this world, and make your Self the center of your emotional well-being.

If you want more ways to easily add self-care into your daily lifestyle, then you can read a few articles of self-care, mindset, and wellness, here and pick-up some of my favorite things, here.

And I know this stuff works, because it worked for me.

I’m a recovering people pleaser and I’ve used the tools of self-care to learn how to say no (without the guilt), to trust my intuition (above all else), to honor the space that I take up (without apologizing for existing), to be my own best friend (an instant resentment-killer), to have a healthy and high self-esteem (because not putting yourself first is a sign of low self-esteem), and to make myself my first and best priority - PERIOD.

So if you see yourself in my story, and you’re ready to reclaim your voice, power, and self-respect, then enjoy the resources below.

new to self-care?

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60-minute SELF-CARE power hour COACHING SESSION

Over the course of one hour, let me guide you to unlocking your inner power, truth, and abundance.

We’ll put together an action plan on how to use self-care as a powerful tool for personal growth.

Need more one-on-one more time with me? Then explore more self-care sessions, here.

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Sugar Pills: 10 Days to Awaken Your Inner Power

It’s time to reclaim your voice, your agency, and your joy. Use this guide to get the power back in your life.

Each day features a motivational journal entry that guides you in observing your own thoughts, actions, and feelings.

The book includes an interactive guide that includes affirmations and journal prompts.

PODCAST: sugar pills: your weekly dose of inspiration

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It’s time to learn practical and manageable self-care practices to awaken your inner power and reclaim your happiness.

Each week is a new topic to explore and learn how to grow your mind, body, and soul on your own terms.


3 free ways to practice self-care