5 Things Every Healthy Person Does Alone

Hi lovelies,

As an introvert, I love my alone time at-home, with just me, my books, tea, and a warm blanket. Taking time off to recharge my batteries and be with myself fills me back up and reignites my creativity.

But being alone in your apartment is pretty easy, but what about doing things on your own outside the comfort of your personal space? Are you able to do things that are usually reserved for social occasions without the security blanket of your squad?

If not, then I challenge you to do one thing on the list below each week to grow outside of your comfort zone and learn how to be comfortable in your skin while owning the space that you take up. And grab your copy of Sugar Pills: 10 Days to Awaken Your Inner Power, on Amazon, here.

5 Things Every Healthy Person Does Alone

#1: Take your self to the movies

Get some popcorn, sit back, and relax. Head to the movie theatre alone to watch the latest flick. Laugh, cry, and everything in-between soaking in the newest blockbuster.

#2: Take your self out to dinner

Grab your favorite book or journal and take your self out to dinner. Dining alone can be one of the most liberating experiences that you can have. Allow your self to be your own best company and enjoy a meal at a restaurant that you’ve been dying to try.

#3: Take your self on a staycation

Book a hotel or an AirBNB for the weekend and take a solo mini-vacation. Take a dip in the pool or explore local places that you usually don’t have time to experience.

#4: Take your self to a party

Some people have trouble going out to events or parties without a +1, but I have found that is when I meet the most people and expand my social circle when I head out solo. Instead of standing around chatting it up with my bestie, I’m forced to introduce myself to people that I don’t know and create new social connections, so if there’s a party, event, or networking opportunity that you want to go to, RSVP solo and show up ready to meet new people.

#5: Take your self to a museum or a pottery class

Take in some culture at a local museum or take a pottery class or art class and opt to go it alone. Going alone will give yourself the space and time to enjoy the art and activity on your own terms, it also opens you up to meeting new people that you may not have normally connected with if you were with your usual crew.

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