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Zola Organic Hydrating Energy Drink x Healthy Habits

Hi lovelies,

After a long night of celebrating the launch of the fall issue of La Palme Magazine, with cover stars Ariel Winter from Modern Family and Peter Faccinelli of S.W.A.T., at one of my favorite places, Nightingale, I’ve woken up early to meditate, go for a run, cook a healthy breakfast, and then settle in for a morning of writing and pitching. 

Then I’m off to a working lunch and another event with Vanity Fair at Jimmy Choo in support of Women’s Cancer Research, followed by a low-key dinner with another blogger friend to do some catching up. 

As you can see, the life of an influencer can be pretty non-stop because you’re your own boss and you’re constantly striving to make connections and take your business to the next level. 

Even though my schedule can get pretty busy, I wouldn’t give up being an entrepreneur and a #girlboss for anything in the world. This also means that I’m mindful to incorporate healthy habits into my daily routine to make sure that I stay active in a balanced and holistic way. 

Luckily for me, there’s Zola Organic Hydrating Energy Drinks to give me a healthy boost when I need to stay focused, energized, and hydrated throughout my busy days. The drinks are a combination of sparkling coconut water, green coffee and green tea extracts, and 230-249 milligrams of potassium. 

I’ve started to swap out my morning cup of coffee for a Zola Organic Hydrating Energy Drink. It gives me the same boost to start my day because the drinks contain 120 milligrams of organic plant-powered caffeine from green coffee and green tea extracts, providing me with the equivalent of two shots of espresso. 

I get a healthy jolt of energy without the jitters that I sometimes get from regular coffee and espresso and without the possibility of staining my teeth. My go-to morning flavor is the Zola Organic Hydrating Energy Drink in Matcha Green Tea

Before and after my workouts, I now make sure to hydrate with the Açaí Berry flavored Zola Organic Hydrating Energy Drink so my muscles don’t cramp and I can maximize my workout results and then replenish my body after sweating it out. Additional flavors include Pineapple Coconut and Dragon Fruit and you can pick yours up here. 

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