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Why Every Cool Girl Is Going To The Museum Of Illusions

Why Every Cool Girl Is Going To The Museum Of Illusions

Hi lovelies,

I had one of the most magical experiences in L.A. thanks to Average Socialite during the opening party of The Museum of Illusions in Hollywood. 

After hitting the red carpet, I perused the museum which consisted of multiple interactive installations created by famed artists that we were life-sized illusions that I could jump in and take photos with. We sipped on Buzzbox premium cocktails and nibbled on Cakes by Anna. 


I was obsessed with the treats by Eat Print Me that featured customized macaroons and I loved seeing mine that featured a photo of me. The gift was also equally impressive and was filled with top of the line skincare by Le Mieux and My Skincare Box plus NCLA nail polish and nail grooming sets.

I can't wait to create my own mini-illusions on the tiny canvases, paint brushes and paint given to us by Artist and Craftsman Supply LA and Express Document Solutions printed the flyers and the brand wall that were also super creative.


I also loved catching up with my fellow actors and influencers that included Jeremy Maguire (actor; Modern Family), Jesse McCartney (singer/songwriter), Jonathan Sadowski (actor; Young & Hungry), Ashlyn Pearce (actress; The Bold and the Beautiful), Lex Lu (singer; The Four on FOX), Ash Minor (singer; The Four on FOX), Brandon Stewart (singer and producer), Edward Walson (broadway and film producer), Cooper Phillip (singer), Christopher "CJ" Wallace Jr. (actor and rapper), Tyra Myricks (fashion designer), Isaac J. Sullivan (actor and model), and Christine Lakin (actress).


You too can explore the Museum of Illusions by grabbing your tickets here.

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