InMode x Kelly Dodd: Get tight and right for summer


Hi lovelies,

Since “Hot Girl Summer” is the official mantra of the year, it’s time to get tight and right! Check out the beauty scoop below on how to take control of your beauty from the inside out!

Real Housewives of Orange County, season 14 premiered this week and Kelly Dodd is getting candid about her experience with FaceTite by InMode, a minimally-invasive face contouring procedure performed by plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Reagan, M.D of CosmetiCare (who is now her beau – post-procedure!).  

Dodd explains “I was frustrated with my undefined jawline and as a working mom who is always on camera I need to keep things right and tight without the downtime that comes with surgical, invasive procedures. FaceTite by InMode was the perfect solution for me and I’ve seen a significant improvement over the past 6 months with skin tightening and am so happy with the results."


FaceTite by InMode uses radio-frequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL), to heat body fat with a wand while tightening the skin for face contouring and refinement results. The procedure is done under local anesthesia with no excisional scarring and minimal downtime.

“A lot of patients come to me in their late 30’s and 40’s who start to see sagging in their skin and are looking for real results without excisional surgery and that is exactly what FaceTite by InMode achieves,” notes Dr. Brian Reagan.

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Additional information on InMode: 
InMode is a medical technology company focused on developing products and procedures utilizing the most innovative radio frequency, light-based energy and laser technologies. Our minimally invasive and noninvasive procedures are clinically proven to reduce treatment time, recovery time and deliver real results so people can live their most beautiful lives.

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