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Bouchon x Beverly Hills

Bouchon x Beverly Hills

Hi lovelies,

I can't believe there's only two months left in 2017 and I plan to enjoy every single moment of it. I've decided to challenge myself to do things outside of my normal comfort zone and for the first time ever, I went to a restaurant and enjoyed a meal alone. 

My restaurant of choice was the iconic Bouchon in Beverly Hills. It's Thomas Keller's casual dining French-inspired bistro and even though it might sound trivial, but for me, eating lunch by lonesome was a major milestone. When I first got there, I almost chickened out and opted to grab a coffee and sandwich and eat at one the tables at the adjacent park, but I mustered up the courage to ask for a table of 1.

My waiter, Roody, was super friendly and made me feel right at ease as I ordered my coffee, green tea, and Salade de Steak. I took out my book, sipped on my coffee, and people watched in-between pages. 

My salad was scrumptious and I indulged in the bread and butter basket. Roody made sure to keep my coffee cup full and gave me words on encouragement as he passed by as I could tell that he sensed that I was a newbie to dining alone. 

Now that I've tackled this milestone, I'm excited to explore other restaurants in my lovely Los Angeles one book, cup of coffee, and endearing waiter at a time. 

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a.o.c. x Los Angeles

a.o.c. x Los Angeles