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a.o.c. x Los Angeles

Hi lovelies,

I've decided to go out less and spend more quality and one-on-one time with my friends and loved ones. So I was super excited to catch up with my lovely little blonde, Heather Hahnover brunch at a.o.c. in Los Angeles, CA. 

We immediately noticed the greenery out front that would make for the perfect backdrop for a few photos and then we went inside and got seated in the outside patio. I ordered a tea and the pork belly sandwich and decided to skip the salad and add a side of fries.

Heather opted for the fried chicken and I definitely stole a few pieces to try myself. We chatted about our blogs, boys, bags, and being on top of our career game.  The waiters were super friendly and the ambiance was very hushed yet inviting, making it the perfect place to share secrets, split dessert, and laugh into the afternoon. 

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