Why Every Beauty Girl Is Obsessed with the OttLite Wireless Charging LED Make-up Mirror

Hi lovelies,

If you’re like me, then doing your make-up at-home can look super intense once you step into the natural light, but thanks to my new rotating mirror that uses OttLite’s ClearSun LED technology, I’m able to recreate natural daylight illumination and ensure that my look is just as flawless both indoors and outdoors. 

With three brightness settings, the OttLite Wireless Charging LED Makeup Mirror highlights every skin tone and make-up color in a natural way so I feel confident whether I’m walking on the red carpet, running out for coffee, or going out to brunch with the girls. Plus, I can chat with my friends on the phone while doing my make-up by using the wireless charging feature. 

Since I’m a fashion and beauty influencer, I love using my mirror while shooting my make-up tutorials on my phone or live-streaming my beauty tips to my audience. I also get to watch make-up tutorials for new looks that I want to try out right from my phone that’s safely secured next to my mirror. 

My nighttime skincare routine has definitely been elevated by the mirror as well with the 5x magnification mirror that I can access by simply rotating the mirror. I’m able to see my pore size, tweeze with precision, and apply my skincare products in a more effective way. 

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OttLite Wireless Charging LED Make-up Mirror

  • Natural daylight illumination with OttLite ClearSun® LEDs

  • Wireless charging stand for Qi-compatible phones

  • Watch tutorials and chat with friends on adjustable stand

  • 1x/5x magnification on rotating mirror

  • 5V, 2.1A USB port to charge phones and tablets

  • Three brightness settings

  • Mirror stands 15.652 inches with footprint of 11.5 x 6.125 inches

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*In partnership with OtttLite