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Welcome to my blog. I love sharing my adventures in travel, fashion, style, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle.

I also love sharing insights into my personal journey as well.

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Jeeyo App x Candy Washington

Jeeyo App x Candy Washington

Hi lovelies,

What I love the most about social media is that I get to directly share my personal stories, ideas, and experiences with you all.

Connecting with you through your comments, questions, and DMs, is super fulfilling, but I've also found another way to connect and share with you all on a deeper level through the Jeeyo App.

If you haven't heard the scoop about the new social media app, then let me fill you in. The Jeeyo App lets you create and add a story about the topic of your choice, and then you can share it in the app for others to view and comment on.

You can gain also followers and follow your favorite accounts to grow your online community on Jeeyo and create a group of content creators around your common interests, passions, and activities.

But what sets Jeeyo a part from other social media platforms, is that other people can add their own pics and videos directly to your story to create a collaborative story that includes tips, advice, favorite things, top suggestions, personal experiences, recipes, fashion trends, and more, from multiple people on the app.

The topic and story ideas that you can share and add in Jeeyo are endless. You can decide who sees your content, how long your story is live, and if people can contribute to your story from a local or global level.

One of my favorite stories that I've shared on the Jeeyo App is what to wear to brunch and where to go to brunch. Based on that story that I shared, I discovered a cool new brunch spot in L.A. called Zinque thanks a story that a fellow Jeeyo App user added to my original story, and I can't wait to check it out!

The Jeeyo App is a great place to connect with others from around the world and discover new places, things, trends, events, and more. Sharing your own experiences is just the beginning, so don't forget to download the Jeeyo App here and let's start posting!

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CAA x Blackpills x Super High

CAA x Blackpills x Super High