Writer and Producer Spotlight: Mara Brock Akil

Hi lovelies,

One of my favorite shows on television is Being Mary Jane starring the Gabrielle Union. What I admire most about the show is its rawness, truth, authenticity, and that it dares "to go there" when few shows do.

So of course, my next selection for my "Spotlight Series" goes to the creator, writer, and producer of the show, Mara Brock Akil

See below for why she shines.

Why she shines: Mara not only gives African-American women a voice and a platform that shines a light on the issues that we go through and challenges that we face, but she truly speaks to all women. 

She has the uncanny ability to convey such a level of universality that all women can relate to while the situations and characters that she develops are extremely specific.

Her vision and creativity is why the show is such a hit and why we admire her. 

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