Why Whee Up is the Next Big Thing in Fashion

Hi lovelies,

In the fast and sometimes fickle world of fashion, I'm always on the hunt for the next big thing. The next “It” designer, break through fashion line, cool indie label, and must-have bag. A label that has caught my attention recently is South Korea-based fashion label Whee Up by Whee Lin (or just Whee to satisfy my fashion sweet tooth).

Launching in 2014, the innovative fashion line has already graced the runways of the Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week in Malaysia, Indie Brand Fair in Seoul, Korea, Daegu Fashion Fair, and was a featured designer in the ENK's TMRW Fashion Trade Show in New York City.

Offering more than just a catchy name, the new fashion label has the potential to take the fashion world by storm. It appeals to our need to be trendy with its hipster-esque oversized grey jersey dresses, comfy sweaters, and cool kid tees, all sporting cartoonish drawings while also offering staple pieces with its flowy black maxi dresses, pastel pea coats, and two-piece pant suits. Regardless of the occasion, I love that Whee Up let's you both dress up or dress down in style.

Another reason why Whee Up's designs stands out from the rest of the fashion noise is that they have a very unique and individualistic feel to them. Each piece looks as though it were made specifically for you. The craftsmanship behind the tailoring of Whee's piece is impressive and gives the illusion of being sewn for a particular person rather than your standard small, medium, and large cookie-cutter silhouettes, cuts, and sizes designed for the masses. This type of attention to detail is what separates the fashion geniuses from the Average Joes.

Just in time for musical festival season and summer, Whee Up also appeals to the whimsical, free-spirited, hippie chic girl. The line features an array of summery frocks perfect for Festival Season. Pair the light blue and pale pink dresses with an oversized chocolate brown hat along with dark brown chukkas for a tragically cool look. The black-and-white striped dress is also ideal for the music festival circuit. Wear a straw hat and kitten heels to emphasis the stripes. For a more angelic look, opt for the all-white look and dress it up with colorful accessories like a bright colored clutch, statement necklace, and embellished sandals. The salmon and green tribal print summer dress is the break out look for summer style. With this look wear minimal make-up with an all-natural look to emphasis the unique pattern of the dress.

For the more adventurous fashionista, Whee Up has pieces geared toward the more avant-garde. Some of its most notable pieces features matte leather, shiny metallics, chunky wool, and a classic throwback to the '80s with a fresh take on parachute pants. Whee Up also takes an old trend of color-blocking, and turns it on its head by color blocking with grey, black, and white rather than the usual bright primary color scheme.

Whee Up is definitely a fashion house to watch with definitive staying power. This brand is sure to be setting the trends for a long time to come.

Photo credit: wheeup.com