White Hot: BBQs and Davy Wayne's

Hi lovelies,

As summer is creeping to an end and with the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week right around the corner, I want to get in as much of all-white everything outfits that I possibly can.

I also want to get in as much fun with friends with endless nights of laughter, inside jokes, and relaxing in the sun.

To that end, this weekend I reconnected with an old friend from my NYC days that now dwells in the city of angels and it felt like nothing had changed, like no time had passed. Sort of what it feels like when Fall replaces Summer and in a blink of an eye you wonder where the time has gone.

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We ate burgers, mine with cheese of course, drank spiked lemonade, and made so much noise laughing and dancing that the downstairs neighbor came up to give us a good scolding on how not to be so loud on a Sunday night.

We feigned apologies and then reminisced about how it felt like old college days and someone called campus security to give us a noise violation. And then of course, we promptly turned the music back up and laughed just a little bit harder.

After a short Uber ride, we found ourselves at one of our favorite haunts, the infamous Good Times at Davy Wayne’s, the speakeasy where you enter through a refrigerator door, and it lived up to its name because we definitely had a good time.

I’m looking forward to a few more endless nights before the leaves start to roll in and white hot quickly transitions to winter white.

Comment below:  how you are going to spend these last few precious weeks of summer?

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Photographed by: Joseph Francis

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