The Ultimate Blogger Guide to Finding Your It-Girl Style Spirit Animal with eBay


Hi lovelies,

It’s Wednesday, which means I’m on the hunt for the picture perfect image to represent my choice for my “Woman Crush Wednesday” shout out on Instagram and Twitter. But the selection of super cool girls that are currently killing the game can be a bit overwhelming with each girl offering their own unique style elements that make them #wcw-worthy. 
Cara Delevingne’s snarky sense of humor is equally matched to her chic and effortless style while Kendall Jenner’s on-the-go outfits are always on-point. Let’s not forget about Gigi Hadid, who has the most enviable closet from NYC to LA, and Chanel Iman’s arsenal of designer, vintage, and street style pieces would make any fashionista drool with envy. 
Even though it was a super tough choice, I’ve decided to show some social media love to Chanel Iman for this week’s #wcw since she’s the coolest party girl that’s dominating “the scene” and is definitely my style spirit animal when it comes to being both boho-chic and stylishly sophisticated.  
But beyond style, these girls exude an inner confidence and intelligence that elevates them to #girlboss spirit animal status. So if you’re like me, and need a little guidance in determining who’s your style spirit animal and #wcw, then check out my guide below and easily start to unleash your inner it-girl. 
And don’t fret, just as the trends come and go, we have plenty of #wcw’s to showcase and share our many it-girl style spirit animals. 

KENDALL JENNER: "Model Off Duty" It-Girl Style

Kendall is your style spirit animal if you love to wear the runway the real way and if you’re able to rock high-waisted jeans, a crop top, and loafers with effortless ease. You also love to look casually chic while running errands, coming from Yoga class, or grabbing your favorite beverage from Starbucks. 

Get the look: 
Crop tops 
High-waist jeans 
Ankle combat boots

GIGI HADID: "The Icon" It-Girl Style

Gigi is your style spirit animal if you want to reach icon status when it comes to your look. You’ll love wearing timeless and classic pieces while always adding in a bit of your own personal style aesthetic. You also like to be seen everywhere, photographed all the time, and are known for having an enviable signature style. 
Get the look: 
Designer sunglasses 
Camel trench coat 
Nude silk dress 
Beige heels

CHANEL IMAN: "Life of the Party" It-Girl Style

Chanel Iman is your style spirit animal if you love being the center of attention in the best way. Your style is care-free and whimsical and you’re known for posting videos on Instagram of you dancing the night away or singing along to your favorite tunes while on a road trip with your bestie.  
Get the look: 
Boho-chic mini-dress 
Motorcycle bag 
Black booties

CARA DELEVINGNE: "Rocker Chic" It-Girl Style

Cara is your style spirit animal if your uniform is cross between New York chic and London sophisticate which is all black with a sprinkle of white and grey. You also know how to accessorize any outfit which elevates it from basic to blinged out without blinking a perfectly #eyebrowsonfleek eye. 
Get the look: 
Leather jacket 
Boyfriend tee 
Black skinny jeans 
Satchel bag  

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