3 Reasons To Join The Cirqle

Hi lovelies,

One of my favorite experiences as a blogger is partnering with brands that share the same aesthetic, brand messaging, and brand values. That's why I joined The Cirqle

The Cirqle is the perfect platform that brings together influencers and brands to create meaningful and engaging campaigns that really resonates with their audiences. Thus, I wanted to share with you all my top three reasons why I enjoy being a part of The Cirqle community.

3 Reasons to Join The Cirqle:

Reason #1: Easy-to-use platform
When I sign into The Cirqle, all of the available campaigns are listed in an easy to understand format with an image from the brand, the brand's name, a brief description of the campaign, which areas of the world are eligible for the partnership, and the amount of compensation given for the campaign. 

If I'm a right fit, I simply hit "Apply" and then I submit myself for the brand partnership. It's really easy because once you sign-up as an influencer, for free, you add in your social media stats and Google Analytics and they auto-populate for each campaign.

Reason #2: An awesome selection of brands to work with on campaigns
I've partnered with The Cirqle on a few really fun brand partnerships from helping to spread the word about Versalume, an innovation light that can double as wearable fashion, or working closely with Sony on their Mr Probz campaign to get excitement around their new award-winning artist.

What I like most about their selection of brands is that it's not all one genre. There are fashion brands, beauty brands, music brands, home decor brands, and more. There's a variety of brands to work that can fit any influencers niche.

Reason #3: Super friendly team
Any time I have a question about a campaign, I can just email my project manager from The Cirqle and they will respond quickly and in a warm, friendly manner to help me navigate through my issue and question. 

It's a pleasure to partner with them and they make every campaign super fun. Huge thanks to them for sending me a lovely Cirqle box full of Inez Cashmere, Marie-Stella-Maris lotion, and Stox Energy Socks.

*Although this is a sponsored post by The Cirqle, all opinions are my own.