Tech Skincare Startup, RESCUE by Stemáge, launches at NYC Pop-Up Shop at WALLPLAY

Hi lovelies,

I just got the insider fashion scoop on the new tech skincare startup, RESCUE, that just pulled off one of the coolest pop-up shops of the year in NYC.

Check out the scoop on the event:
YC (California Technology) startup-meets-skincare-company, RESCUE by Stemáge premiered at a popup at Wallplay in LES, and it wasn’t your mom’s skincare shop, that’s for sure. Open daily with an onsite aesthetician sampling Stemage, and with nightly screenings of rescue themed movies of The Warriors, Big Lebowski and the Advanced Style Documentary, the event attracted a group of NYC influencers, bloggers, locals, and many others who experienced a company doing things differently.

RESCUE is an innovative new skincare company, anchored by all natural ingredients and a stem cell derived core active "MDFc19" that works with your unique biology to support cellular activity by increasing skin based collagen production. More collagen means healthier, younger appearing skin.

Developed by a world-renowned surgeon and researcher, Dr David Scharp, RESCUE is different from other skincare because its core active MDFc19 works both to support skin in the dermis (surface) and epidermis (deep), and helps to produce collagen, addressing a variety of skin issues all at once. Whether preventative or restorative, young or aging, RESCUE works universally for any age, skin-type, and ethnicity.

4 years in development, RESCUE by Stemáge began with its proprietary  and game changing anti-aging active MDFc19, and decided to evolve its product line based upon what people said they wanted. As a result, the focus of RESCUE became more tech company and less beauty brand, with an emphasis on bringing to market a solution that was accessible, easy to use and highly effective. 

Offering a few industry firsts, Stemáge comes in two configurations, Ultra Moisturizer and Concentrated Serum. Both contain the same amount of proprietary core active MDFc19. If you have oily - normal skin, the Serum is a perfect for daily use. If you have dry to very dry skin, the Ultra Moisturizer is ideal. You can use each separately or together if you prefer, as many of our user do. With RESCUE, Stemáge is also the first company to deliver a core active for collagen production in a moisturizing formula. Stemáge also launched its two products in single serving applications, perfect for active on the go lifestyles. Both the serum and moisturizer boxes come with 30 single use packets, perfect for daily application at home or on the go; with RESCUE your best skin is always within reach.

In short: Over the course of the week, the #RESCUEPOPUP attracted thousands of New Yorkers, influencers, and media who flocked to see what RESCUE was all about, realizing quickly that Stemáge's RESCUE isn’t your traditional skincare company, and once they tried the product, they immediately became users. With RESCUE you really can feel the difference.

Credit: DMG events