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Shaking Up My Dating Routine with Colgate® Total Advanced Health Mouthwash!

Thank you Colgate® for sponsoring this post. 

 " vs. ordinary, non-antibacterial mouthwashes "

"vs. ordinary, non-antibacterial mouthwashes"

Hi lovelies,

Summertime is for lovers. That's why I'm shaking things up when it comes to my dating routine. This summer I'm all about trying new things, meeting new people, and thinking outside-of-the-box when it comes to finding love in a healthy and happy way. This revelation came after I upped my morning routine by adding in meditating before starting my day and switching up my evening routine by incorporating drinking hot sleepy time tea 30-minutes before bed in order to unwind and relax from my busy day. 

Since I was getting happy and healthy from the inside-out, the next area of my life that needed a reboot was how I approached dating. I evaluated how I could shake things up when it comes to spending quality time with my main squeeze. But whether or not you have a full-time honey, you can still apply my three ways to shake up your dating routine while looking for love. 

Shake up tip #1: Boost your confidence with Colgate Total® Advanced Health Mouthwash 

 " vs. ordinary, non-antibacterial mouthwashes "

"vs. ordinary, non-antibacterial mouthwashes"

My pre-date routine to make sure that I feel confident is working out the morning before my date so I feel strong, refreshed, and energized. Another way that I build confidence before my date is picking out an outfit that I feel comfortable in and that really shows my personal style. Then I make sure that my hair and make-up are flawless, without being overdone, so that I make sure that my inner beauty is shining through. I've been shaking up this routine by incorporating Colgate Total® Advanced Health Mouthwash to ensure that I feel confident throughout my date while we laugh, smile, and talk the night away. 

Since Colgate Total® Advanced Health Mouthwash builds on the dual phase trend seen in many health and beauty products, and contains a two-layer technology; combining freshening power with germ killing ingredients (cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), it makes the perfect addition to my getting ready routine and boosts my confidence to get cozy with my date knowing that I have a happy and healthy smile. 

All I have to do is shake the bottle, next I let the mouthwash clean and remove 24x more bacteria than ordinary, non-antibacterial mouthwashes, and then I see the actual results in the sink! It's that easy: Shake, Clean, See – for a healthier mouth. It reduces the amount of plaque in my mouth, helps prevent gingivitis, and freshens my breath so I stay cool and calm all night long. 

Shake up tip #2: Plan daytime dates

 " vs. ordinary, non-antibacterial mouthwashes "

"vs. ordinary, non-antibacterial mouthwashes"

Another way that I'm shaking up my dating routine is planning fun day dates for my main squeeze and myself. It's super fun to do active and creative dates during the day rather than the same-old dinner-and-drinks routine. Day dates allow my beau and I to bond on new levels and create new memories together. 

A few easy and fun ideas for day dates includes going to brunch rather than dinner, taking a pottery class together, going for a hike together, volunteering together, taking a cooking class together, picnicking in the park together, going to an amusement park together, going to the beach together, and so on. The key is to spend quality time together during the day rather than just after hours. 

I also love bringing my Colgate Total® Advanced Health Mouthwash with me on my day dates so I can quickly refresh my mouth by simply shaking the bottle to activate in the mouthwash, a dual system that freshens breath and kills germs, and then I let the mouthwash clean my mouth, and then I can see in the sink the bacteria that’s been removed and then I return to my date feeling refreshed with happy and clean smile.

Shake up tip #3: Make time for mini-dates

 " vs. ordinary, non-antibacterial mouthwashes "

"vs. ordinary, non-antibacterial mouthwashes"

I love to shake up my dating routine by planning fun mini-dates to create quality time with my sweetheart even when we're both super busy. Some of my favorite mini-dates include grabbing coffee at our favorite local coffee shop, meeting up for ice cream when we both can take a break, going for a quick walk in-between meetings, and sending each other fun videos throughout the day when we can't sneak away but want to stay connected. 

Do you have fun and new ways that you're shaking up your life? Then join Colgate Total® Advanced Health and share how you shake up your routine with #ShakeCleanSee! Shaking up your routine can be trying a new workout, trying a new hairstyle or using the Colgate Total®  regimen to help improve your mouth health.

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